A Wild Night in Seattle

Wild Ginger

1401 Third Avenue

Seattle, WA 98101

Its no secret that the Fighting Couple LOVES Seattle food.  The flavors generated as East meets West creates so many great options.  One of our faves for high end Asian/Indian Fusion is Wild Ginger. Our only real complaint is the one of geography.  The Asian culinary centers of Canton and Shanghai are a long way from New Delhli.  Its kind of like when I was growing up.  At one time I wanted to be an FBI agent and a Fireman.  I wanted to pack a gun and go into burning houses.  Obviously, the combo of the two didn’t really work in the real world (darn!).  The same proves true in Wild Ginger’s attempt to tackle both Asian and Indian cuisine.  Their curry dishes never really capture the potent magical powers of curry.  “Often he who does too much does too little.”-Asian Proverb. While they struck out in attempting to recreate an extraordinary Indian culinary experience, they nail Canton.  The Swei Jyous (pot stickers in English) is fabulous.  The peanut sauce and bok choi are yum!  Of course you cant call yourself a true Cantonese joint if you miss on the duck.  They make a mean duck.  Mission Accomplished.


Service is where Wild Ginger really separates itself.  Great service in my mind is a combo of knowledge and anticipation of needs.  While we are retiticent to make a broad brush comment on the entire wait staff having only experienced two…one at each location.  With that said, we were impressed.  Waitstaff knew the menu.  Dealt deftly with a shrimp allergies that a person in our party had and were attentive without being a distraction.  Well done!

Overall the Fighting Couple strongly recommends Wild Ginger.
Wild Ginger on Urbanspoon

Wild Ginger on Urbanspoon