Cottonwood Grille

Boise has fallen into the ideal segment to all the big national chains.  The city of trees has a Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, and just about every other major chain.  One thing that Boise is lacking is a number of quality independent fine dining establishments.   Located right on the beautiful Boise River, Cottonwood Grille is a welcome exception.

Cottonwood Grille, Boise IdahoThe Cottonwood offers a wide range of Northwest focused fare.  You will see fresh Idaho Rainbow trout, Northwest seafood, and of course great beef dishes from northwest based ranches.   You would be hardpressed to find another Boise restaurant with as much from local producers.

The Cottonwood has a great wine menu that would rival any ofther establishment in Boise and in Idaho for that matter.  They do feature all of the local Idaho wines as well as regional specialties from Tri-Cities, WA and Eastern Oregon.

The ambiance in the restaurant is very friendly.  The have three seating areas: the bar, a large restaurant area with a private dining room if you are willing to fork our the dough.  By far our fave area is the patio overlooking the river.  It is a wonderful place to sip a beverage in the summer.  The Boise River Greenbelt is set right in front of the patio area.  It is a great spot for people watching.

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