So. France/Italy

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Country Info: Tripadvisor CIA

Airline: Delta

Hotels:  Rome Cavalieri (awesome website!), Holiday Inn (Perugia), Villa Il Poggiale, (Tuscany), Hotel Garden, Levanto

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So much to choose from!!!!  Two highlights: first was our visit to the Vatican.   This place exudes power in so may ways: spiritual, artistic, and historically.  I am not of the Catholic faith, but am a long time student of the religion, history and culture of the great church.  The solemn procession to view John Paul II’s resting place was a spiritual high.    One is struck by the enormity of St. Peter’s.  One could spend the entire day in the cathedral and not fully appreciate all of the art and paintings.

The other highlight was the Florence American Cemetary.  We went on an overcast and drizzling day.  The weather was a perfect backdrop to the entire somber afternoon.  The rows and rows of crosses and star’s of David.  While I was viewing the monument, reading the names of soldiers from Idaho, the clock bells began to chime.  Chills up and down my spine as I am writing this.  Very sacred place, set in the green hills of Tuscany.


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