istanbul 3 049

Key Details

Country Info: TripadvisorCIA

Airline: Delta/Northwest/

Route: Portland/Seattle to Amsterdam to Istanbul

Hotels:  Istanbul Conrad , Hotel Bella, Izmir Hilton

Things to do: Istanbul, Seven Churches of Revelation, Pamukkale,

Currency ex:  Turkish Lira to USD

Overall experience:


Turkey truly has it all:  History, religion, culture, beaches, Amazing food!  Highlights for me was my exposure to Islam.  One of the great religions of the world.  So much of what we understand about Islam comes from CNN and Fox News.  We are really getting short changed.  The call to prayer is a haunting experience.  I expected it to be a brash, commanding recording blared over a loudhorn.  In actuality it is a distant pleading for fellowman to improve him/herself.  Very powerful.

More posts to follow on this trip!  Stay tuned!