Gifts for Globetrotters

What should I get him for Christmas?  Gifts for men are so hard!  What to get the gal that has it all?  With that said, shopping for the globetrotter is next to impossible.  We’ve put together some helpful hints to help you with your shopping list.  Whether you are shopping for a road warrior, a backpacker, a weekend road tripper, we have just the thing for you.

The Push Pin Map

The Push Pin Map

The Map

Every globetrotter is always thinking about a past adventure and the next one that are going to take.  We have the perfect gift:  The world pin map.  This gorgeous framed world or country map is handmade by our friends Brenda and Mike at Push Pin Travel Maps.  These fine-art quality maps are guaranteed conversation starters.   Each map comes with a set of multicolored pins to celebrate past, present and future travels!  We LOVE ours!  It is proudly displayed in our home.  The beauty of these maps, they are a great gift for the lifelong traveler or the newly married couple just starting their adventures.   You would expect to pay $500 for framed art of this quality.  But at Push Pin Travel Maps, these maps start at only $99!  Each map can be custom engraved making it a truly personalized gift, ours says “Travels of the Fighting Couple.”


Travel Plug Adapter

International Travel Plug Adapter

The Adapter

Just about everything the traveler uses to plan and navigate takes power.  Those power hungry devices including Ipods, Ipads, GPS, tablets, phones, cameras all take power.  While we always remember our chargers when we travel abroad, we always forget the adapter.  When we do bring our adapter…it is a bag full of chunks of plastic.  We always take ALL of them because we never know for sure which one is going to work.  We have a solution!  The answer is the new Kensington all in one world adapter.   How many pieces you ask?  One!  How many countries will it work in?  150+!  Wowza!  What we love about this one in particular is the easy of use, very simple to use.  While this may not be the most glamorous of gifts, it is one that will have your loved one thank you.  Very practical.


Red Envelope

The Love Pillow. (Yes, ours includes our first fight).

Love Pillow

Ok, that description might be a little over the top, but one of the hottest gifts for 2013 is RedEnvelope’s Personalized Couples Key Dates Throw Pillow.  Are you looking for a very thoughtful gift for your loved one?  Look no further.  These pillows are completely customizable with four key dates and descriptions.  They are available in five colors and start at $50!  If you have never ordered anything from our friends at RedEnvelope, you must know that they wrap gifts in a stunning red box with a bow.  Very classy.  A thoughtful personalized gift for $50?  You betcha.  Get on it.


Leather Journal

Handmade Leather Travel Journal.

Handmade Travel Journal

If you follow the Fighting Couple, you know that we are huge advocates of journal writing.  WARNING: Giving a world traveler a handmade, leather, high-end papered journal is going to result in tears shed and hugs supplied.  Our favorite journals are lovingly made on Martha’s Vineyard by Jenni Bick.  There are so many to choose from!  They have every color and style imaginable.  Know this: you are giving a handcrafted heirloom that will be treasured by any traveler worth their salt.

Pink Camera Strap

Find Your Perfect Camera Strap

Capturing Couture Camera Strap

Let’s be honest.  There are a lot of ugly, ugly camera straps out there.  Nothing screams, “I am a tourist” more than a bulky Nikon branded camera strap.  We have found the perfect solution to ugly-strap-ness: Capturing Couture.  Visit their trendy online boutique and pick your fave design.  They offer something that fits just about anyone’s style.   On our last adventure in Germany, we kept having people ask us where we found our strap.  It’s a lovely gift for the photographer or traveler.

Uplifting Nightie

Uplifting Nightie

Uplifting Nighties

What’s better than a great pair of PJs or a silky nighty?  Nothing!  We love the story behind Uplifting Nighties, two BFFs, Laura and Marge discussed the need for sleepwear that is flattering and stylish, yet offered some support.  What they came up with is nothing short of incredible, the Uplifting Nightie.   The fitted bodice emphasizes all the right curves and is made from silky Modal material and a touch of spandex.   The flattering cut and design will keep you comfy and your man….shall we say impressed?  Uplifting Nighties are available in different sizes, lengths and colors.  Order now, a number of the more popular designs sell out fast.

Christmas is right around the corner.  Many of these retailers ship right up till the week before Christmas.  Please, please check their web stores for the exact dates for last shipment.


Disclosure: On occasion we are offered items to review on this site.  Does this affect our honest review and opinion?  Not one bit!

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5 Responses to Gifts for Globetrotters

  1. Contented Traveller December 8, 2013 at 3:00 am #

    Can i throw the love pillow at Gordon?

  2. The Fighting Couple December 8, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    Yes! Only if it’s a love pillow. You two are too funny. Hope we get to meet up on the road someday.

  3. Escape Hunter January 1, 2014 at 4:36 am #

    Very original post, thanks for the ideas!
    Interesting camera strap! It must be great having when traveling to exotic beach areas and warm islands!
    There are a few things I thought are great gifts: mouse pads of maps (especially the ones with those vintage maps), but you can also get funny little compasses (decorative rather) on eBay.

  4. Jeska January 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm #

    love love love that pillow! funny enough the strap you have shown from capturing couture I have in red and have had it for 4 years now, I love it!

  5. The Fighting Couple January 7, 2014 at 4:33 pm #


    thanks for your kind words. We love our CC camera strap! Good to hear yours lasted 4 years.