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Fighting the urge to Fight

A timely and insightful guest post from our friend Scott:

How to Avoid Fighting Abroad

It sounds funny, doesn’t it? A website dedicated to fighting with your spouse on holiday, and we go and commission a blog that’s all about trying to keep the peace between each other abroad. While going on holiday with your partner can be great fun, but it can also be very stressful, especially if things don’t go exactly according to plan, but there are ways that you can stay on good terms with each other whilst you’re on holiday.


“But we talk to each other all the time!” We hear you cry. Well, tough, you’re just going to have to talk some more to each other, and this doesn’t have to a chore, it can be surprisingly difficult to tell the person you love how you really feel, but it can also be very easy to spill your guts out to one another and tell them everything, but please, we all need everything in moderation; so quite simply, if you encounter a problem on holiday, such as losing belongings, talk or scream it out then and there.


Talking is half the battle, and we all know that if you’re talking but not being listened to, then you can feel like you’re speaking to a brick wall. Talking is no good if your significant other isn’t paying attention, so you’ll need to find a way to make them listen, the method is of course, up to you, but if you find a method that works for the pair of you, then use it, as long as neither of you have resorted to violence.

Have Fun

Travelling isn’t a right, it’s a privilege and no matter where you go, what you do or how long you’re going to be there for, it’s vital that you have some fun whilst you’re there. Look at what you both want to do and see if it’s possible to incorporate both your ideas into it, that’s right, it’s time to compromise. It’s also good to spend some time apart, so whether you’re on your dream Spain Holiday then do what you want to do for a few hours one day – you’ll be amazed at how much this works.

1000fights:  great ideas Scott!  You are so right, the key is communication.  So many misunderstanding come from couples not communicating effectively.  Cheers!


The Traveling Diva of 2010!

Congrats to Lillie our 2010 Traveling Diva!


Twitter: @WorldLillie

Have you ever met one of those people that have done more in just a few years than some folks do in a lifetime?  Meet Lillie.  A teacher by trade and a world traveler too.  Besides Lillie’s travel blog, she also finds time to encourage other teachers to travel with her “other” blog:  www.TeachingTraveling.com . She also coordinates the Boston chapter of Meet, Plan, Go.

Surfing around Lillie’s website, you are going to see tons of pics of smiling kids from all around the globe posing next to a tall (6 foot!) American.  You really get the impression that everywhere that Lillie goes, she leaves a wake of smiles.  No doubt that Lillie is a great choice for our Traveling Diva of 2010.

Lillie’s Blog is well put together with helpful travel hints and ideas.  One of the best sections is the Women and Travel section.  She profiles some courageous and creative women from all across the globe.  Check it out!

Congrats Lillie!


Travel Blogging Divas

As many of our followers know we recently held the Travel Blogging hottest Hubby and Travel Divas contest. Response was incredible! We had loads of fun, made some new friends, and shared some great travel blogs. We decided not to neglect our solo traveler friends.

Our intent is not to run a petty beauty contest…only to give you a look at some of the very best in independent travel blogging.  Blogs were nominated that focused on single travel.  There are some really, really great folks out there on the road that have insights to share.  So visit theses sites and vote early and often!  Voting ends Jan 5th 2011.



“My name is Lillie, and I am a 29 year old, six foot tall Boston native.  For six years, I taught high school English in the Boston Public Schools before flying out in August of 2009 to begin voyaging around the world!”   http://www.aroundtheworldl.com


“For most of my adult life I have led a dichotomous existence of both wanting to flutter my wings around the world AND to settle down and focus on my true calling in life, which is being a Chinese Medicine Doctor.” http://mybeautifuladventures.com


“I am a twentysomething native Californian with an art history degree and love of adventure.  This is a blog of my travels and expeditions…it is reviews, tips, advice and observations.  It is a way for me to interact with other people like me who find the thrill of life in seeing new places.”  http://cgtravelsblog.com


SuzyGuese.com showcases people and places from around the world not in the ordinary, travel guidebook sense. I am fascinated by the simple way a story can be told, usually with a little humor.”(Doesn’t she have amazing hair!!?)   http://suzyguese.com


After 8 hectic years of studying at UC Berkeley, University of Oxford, and earning a law degree in London (and a whole lot of letters after my name–BA, MPhil, GDL, LPC…), I couldn’t face starting work in a corporate law firm without first going out and reviving my battered and exhausted soul. So I moved to South Africa to undertake volunteer legal work at a human rights NGO instead.  http://www.nilikutashani.com