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7 Questions with Getting Stamped

The new year is a great time to ask yourself…What if?  What if I could travel anywhere that I wanted to go?  What if….I could travel with the person that I love indefinitely   What if….I sold everything that I owned and just left.  If you want to follow a couple that didn’t just think about the what if…they are actually are going to live it, you must follow Hannah and Adam of www.GettingStamped.com.

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So lets get to know this daring couple a little better.

Travel couple

Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped

1.)    Tell us a little about yourselves.  How long have you been together?  How did you meet? Whats this we hear about a Lady’s Night?

We actually just celebrated 7 years together last week at one of new favorite Thai restaurants. We have owned a house together for the last 4 years, and married just under a year 2.12.12. So we are used to not following the normal rules.

We met while Hannah had one of the best jobs a college student could ever have, she was paid to hand out free beer! The night we met happen to be a Monday night, and yes also a ladies night. Hannah was handing out free beer, Adam’s Friends wanted free beer and Adam wanted to talk more with Hannah. So Adam and his friends follow Hannah around to 3 different bars where she was promoting and handing out beer. 7 years and a lot of beers later, we are still together and getting ready to be with each other 24/7 for over a year straight!


2.) If you had to travel with someone else besides your travel partner, who would it be?  (this person can be living, historical or mythical?.)

He said: It would probably have to be my friend Matt, it was with him that I think I caught my travel bug initially. My first trip out of the country came with Matt on our spring break trips and other adventures. No matter where we go we have a good time, and we always seem to come back with a story or two.

She said: I wish I could say my best friend Rachel, but she would never be able to leave her family for the duration that we are planning.  I would travel with anyone who has the same passion for travel as I do! It could be a life long friend, or another backpacker I just met.  If we have similar travel habits/wants/needs we could make it happen!


couple ocean3.) A tax auditor and a mechanical engineer, you guys are up and coming professionals.   What made you guys want to sell everything and travel?

He said: Up and coming comes at a cost, 60-70 hour work weeks are a regular occurrence. Sure the money is good, but its not worth it if you don’t even have time to enjoy it. Basically my life balance is pretty far out of whack.

She said: We realized we are working and working and for what…we have a bunch of “stuff” but there was a lot more to life than “stuff & work”.  It came apparent it was now or never to take this trip.


4.) With adventures are sure to come incidents, and we have had our fair share already. We have only let a few of our Travel Fails out of the bag on our website so far. Our much worse ones will be coming out soon (and some of those resulted in some real fights).

He said: I was actually kinda surprised that Hannah volunteered to go on our deep sea fishing trip, that sort of stuff isn’t really her thing. I am pretty sure I will never get her to go on another trip like that again after nearly going under while 2 miles off shore in the Dominican Republic. We didn’t catch any fish on our short expedition, but Hannah did get to feed them, if you know what I mean.

She said: I ended up on the boat only because I didn’t want to be stranded on the beach by myself, for who knows how many hours…..I would have never gone had I know how far out we were going or how rough the seas were.  This trip is where I learned that I get sea sick!


5.)  What is the hardest part about leaving your “home” for so long?

He said: The hardest part of being gone for me is going to be missing the people in our lives. I will miss the months of April, June-September at home, the rest of the year I will be more than glad to be gone. I will miss the baseball games with friends, the beer festivals, and all the good summer time fun.

She said: Can I say my cat, Tinkerbell? Everyone knows I love her to death, and I would do anything for my baby…. Besides my cat, I am really going to miss my friends & family.  Almost every weekend we have some sort of get together with friends or family.  We are going to miss 2 baseball seasons, 2 summers, friends 30th birthdays, weddings, and maybe some babies too…


6.)  If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

He said: The great inequalities between classes of people that always seem to exist in developing countries. We have planned for a few volunteering opportunities along with our world tour, in Laos and Kenya, we are hoping to find something in Central America as well.

She said: Adam nailed it, and I have an issue seeing hungry children.  I will stop and buy some food for a hungry children and not even think twice.


couple on beach7.)  You knew it was coming….What has been your greatest travel fight/disagreement?

He said: If we fight it is usually toward the end of a trip, and the stress of returning home makes us cranky. One of the biggest I can remember is an old one, where I let Hannah’s 18 year old brother borrow our rental car during a family wedding in Hawaii. Several hours later we are stranded without a car, I’m getting yelled at, and Hannah is so mad she is crying.

She said:  Currently we have the ongoing packing fight.  I have a slight clothing/bikini issue, and we cannot agree on the amount of clothing I am allowed to bring. I may have to sneak a few more things in! (Don’t tell Adam)

1000Fights:  Adam we are with you.  It is always at the end of a long trip that things get a little dicey. Any you guys are going to be gone how long?  Ha!  Keep in touch.  We always need more material for our “Fights” section.  Thank again you two.  We look forward to meeting you guys out there on your grand adventure.