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5 Must Have Pieces For Big City Travel

5 Must Have Pieces For Big City Travel

Guest post by: Lindsay Carreiro, Fashionista’s Travel Editor

Heading to a “big” city this summer?  You’ll want to be prepared, not just mentally but physically too.  Style runs cities like New York, Paris, London, Rome and fitting in doesn’t just mean buying everything they sell. It is so easy to spot a tourist, especially an American.  So if your ready to trade in what “you call style” then take along with you these 5 pieces of clothing/accessories that will help you fit in with out standing out.

 1. Lets just dive right in shall we and talk about the most dredged word in fashion history FANNYPACKS.  I completely understand the logistics of fannypacks.  I do not understand why they have to be so hideous!  Now don’t get me wrong back in 1992 when they were all the rage, yours truly owned a fluorescent pink one, but lets just say I have learned from my mistakes.  So if you are the type of person that likes having their items close to their body here are two suggestions that should get rid of fannypacks forever:

Messenger Bags: They wrap around your body, keeping your hands free.  Practically every company on the planet makes one, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue.  We like messenger bags by Vera Bradley and Coach.
Backpacks: I’m not talking about lugging around your LL Bean backpack from High School, I’m talking about much smaller backpacks that are also fashionable.  We like backpacks by Prada, Vera Bradley, and Bellino Luciano (at Walmart).

2. Comfortable shoes are a must on any trip, being a Fashionista we are not immune to the need of these items.  However there is a difference between comfortable and ratty.  We all have those ratty sneakers or shoes that are so comfortable we don’t dare throw them away, these should NOT be packed on any trip.  If you’re looking for comfort and style try these two that are perfect for any weather:

Boots: Such as knit boots, riding boots, something with a flat sole that will look good with several pairs of pants.  You can tuck in skinny jeans or straight leg stretchy pants or simply wear boot cut pants over the boots.  Either way you’ve got a nice looking shoe that’s easy to get around in.  We like boots by Ugg and Target.

Gladiator sandals: This is one sandal that everyone can pull off.  The wrappings around the ankle provide support and they are easy to go from jeans, shorts, to dresses.  Making it easier to only pack a few pairs of shoes.  We like gladiator sandals by JC Penny and Nine West.

Gladiator Sandals

3. You always need a dressy dress for your travels, especially big city traveling.  We find the best travel friendly dresses are those made of cotton and jersey knits.  Stick with darker colors, they hide the dirt better and almost always look dresser.  If you pair different accessories with this dress then you can get away with wearing it more often.  We like dresses by Old Navy, Target, and Nordstrom.

4. Sweaters are a girls best friend.  It doesn’t matter where I am traveling too I ALWAYS pack a sweater. In particular a boyfriend sweater (no this isn’t a sweater I stole from my boyfriend) this is a style that is longer and usually hits about your hip or longer.  It tends to be dresser then your average cardigan sweater.  You will want to stick with basic colors such as black, white, red, it is easier to match with these colors.  These sweaters also look great with dresses and pants; they are perfect for layering.  We like boyfriend sweaters by Old Navy.


5. Pants and shorts are a must for all seasons especially when traveling and you are unsure of the weather.  The perfect pant for traveling is one that has a little bit of stretch to it. Such as a skinny jean, legging, or stretch khaki or corduroy.  They give a bit when walking around and make for a more comfortable bus or plane ride.  Now as far as shorts go, this can be tricky.  If you are planning on wearing your shorts walking around a city but then also out to dinner you want to stick with a basic rule, your shorts should hit about 1 or 2 inches above your knee, depending on how tall you are.  These type of shorts almost always look dresser then “short shorts” and they are easy to go from a causal activity to a nice dinner.  We like pants and shorts by Old Navy, Levis, and Macy’s.

The goal when it comes to fashion and style is to take what your comfortable in and just extend it.  For example everyone is comfortable in stretch pants so why not buy a stretchy jean instead of sweatpants.  You don’t need to run out and buy all the new clothes in the cities you’re visiting.  Especially if its something you’ve never worn before your uncomfortableness is going to stick out like a sore thumb.  We would never tell anyone to change the way they dress just for traveling.  Being yourself with a few of these minor changes will not only help you feel better about the way you look but you might just get mistaken for a local.

1000Fights:  Thanks a ton Lindsay!  Some great ideas for us that are “fashion challenged”.  Visit her site!  Do you have a great fashion suggestion for taking on the big city?  Let us know!  Please leave a chic comment below.


Lindsay Carreiro, is Fashionista’s Travel Editor



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Flight Fashion

Just like the bland food that some airlines put forward as food, flight attendant uniforms are headed for the same mediocrity!   We thought that it might be fun to highlight some of the best dressed flight attendants in the skies.   Luci and I are “fashion challenged” so we enlisted the help of some folks that know fashion and flying!

Please meet our celebrity judges:


Just click on any picture below for a larger view.

Qatar Airways

@isthisreallife2 The first word that comes to mind is ‘Safe’ and not in an ‘arm rests down, doors closed’ sense of the word.  No these uniforms are safe in a ‘good but not great way.’ While they look smart and the colour is surprisingly flattering, there really is no Wow factor here.  Thumbs up or down- If possible I would put a thumb half way between up or down its so mediocre!

@finalfashion:  There is a reductive, non-entity effect that suits the role of a service professional. Thumbs up.

@theflyingpinto Nothing exciting here. Boring cut, and the color would work on very few skin tones. Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION: It’s incredible how chic and glamorous a stewardess can be in a hat. I also love the choice of color here, beautiful. Thumbs up!

@TheSwelleLife A smart look, streamlined and minimal.  I like the deep plum colour and gestural ‘tie’.  Thumbs up.

Air France

@isthisreallife2 Chic, elegant, classic and timeless.  But to be honest, what else could we expect from the best dressers in the world.  Simple is the key here.  From the lines of the shirt-dress to the shape of the over-coat.  It reminds me of the golden age of air travel when air-hostesses were seen as the epitome of glamour and their clothes were coveted.  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion These uniforms are actually chic – and they’d have to be.  A remarkably deft feat of design. Thumbs up.

@theflyingpinto I can see a little bit of Kate Spade in the dress with the bow…but the white could look like a nurses uniform too. I hate the scarf, what were they thinking? Can you imagine wearing that huge thing in your face like that?  Love the red gloves and the over coat.  Thumbs up.

@KIRAFASHION It’s unfair to compare women from any nationality to French women. They have the fashion history on their side.  I love the long coats and the way they wear the scarf.  Thumbs Up.

@TheSwelleLife The chicest of the lot, naturellement. The jackets have the clean, tailored lines of a Chanel boucle, and no self-respecting French person goes out without the loosely bundled scarf, even when working on a plane, apparently.  Love the loose bow sash as well which is done in that none-fussy, French way. Thumbs up.

British Airways

@isthisreallife2 This is everything Air France isn’t.   Air France’s tailoring is to perfection where BA looks like they are all wearing too sizes too big for them, AF’s navy is deep and rich where as BA looks like they have all been put in a white wash in the dryer and come out a mucky version of ‘dark blue.’  It may be an unpatriotic view, but I am not really loving BA’s style!   Thumbs down.

@finalfashion Dowdy, military-inspired things that instantly add 20 years of age to the wearer. Eminently suitable for the purposes of a uniform but executed without flair. Thumbs sideways.

@theflyingpinto Are you sure this isn’t the Air Force posing in front of the plane? Everything about this uniform is up tight and stiff, even the bag that looks like it is part of the uniform.  Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION Too heavy and not appealing. Thumbs down.

@TheSwelleLife I’ve flown BA a lot and can attest to how uninspired these uniforms are in person, that navy couldn’t be more flat. They look like cadets. BA’s flight attendants are usually quite accommodating and deserve something with a little more ease and flair. But if they’re sometimes miserable, we know why.  Thumbs down.


@isthisreallife2 I really like how bold and brave Delta had been with their choices.  It may not aesthetically be perfect but it’s pretty and daring and is definitely eye-catching.  I really applaud them from trying something a little bit different and actually pulling it off!  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion The classic wrap dress works on any age and any figure and for that reason, it makes sense to adapt it to a uniform. However, it lacks a sense of authority. Thumbs sideways.

@theflyingpinto My favorite US Airline uniform. You only show the red dress, which I love, and for me a great dress is the best uniform. It’s easy to wear and you can dress it up with accessories. This particular dress was a little controversial because it is not flattering on every body type.   Thumbs up!

@KIRAFASHION Great at the runaway, but not so good in real life.  Thumbs down.

@TheSwelleLife Is that Richard Tyler? So this is what he’s doing now. If I were a Delta flight attendant, I’d be pretty thrilled with a wrap dress, even one with trench coat lapels, but the fabric looks to be a very stiff cotton.  I’m confused about the runway shot – is that a silk version? Is it for off-duty dates with the captain? Thumbs up.

Have you checked out some of the best Flight Attendant Blogs?  Here is our tribute!


@isthisreallife2 Nice colour and again nice to see the classic style of the golden age of air travel coming back but just not startling enough!  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion The wing-motif repetition, echoed in the spread collar, is heavy-handed. Remove two or three elements and there would be the essence of a decent uniform. Thumbs down.

@theflyingpinto Still looks feminine without being too revealing. I love the fit of the uniform, it’s not boxy like a lot of airlines. I specifically like the dresses in the 2nd picture, it looks easy to wear, but still fitted and stylish with the cuff on the sleeve. And, I love the red shoes with the blue dress! Thumbs up!

@KIRAFASHION So innovative and beautiful!  Thumbs up!

@TheSwelleLife This is the Russian airline that has had a lot of crashes?  Their uniform represents bravery, absolute bravery. It’s ok, the red’s a bit bright and it’s very layered but looks fairly lightweight. And if a wing falls off, they can glide to safety on her collar. Thumbs…instead of an up or down, can I give a nice level one?

Jet Airways

@isthisreallife2 I really like this.  The yellow colour is beautiful and really unique to have this exact shade as other airlines have gone for a more mustard colour when using yellow.  The clothes underneath could do with being a little more exciting than just black but the coat really does save the whole look.  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion The long coats have a dental-hygenist quality to them, however the yellow seems to work well on most of the models pictured, and the black pants seem utilitarian. A serviceable uniform, but that’s all. Thumbs sideways.

@theflyingpinto Looks like real estate agents living in a cold climate. Why else would those jackets be so long? And the color? Yuck!  Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION I love the yellow here, but the cut is too austere. Thumbs down.

@TheSwelleLife The pale yellow is friendly and cheery and the nehru style is a nice change from the traditional Western look (as this is an Indian airline). But why do the women have to be dressed like men because they’re working on a plane? I’m wondering if Nehru jackets move, they look pretty stiff. Do they, Steven Seagal? Thumbs up, I think.

(Editor’s Note:  We have nothing against dental hygienists, real estate agents or Steven Seagal.  We think.  Well… we don’t have anything against Seagal for sure.)


@isthisreallife2 Basically BA but with yellow instead of red.  Not a fan of this ill-fitting style at all and the colour is very draining on them!  Thumbs down.

@finalfashion A classic uniform that doesn’t try too hard to reinvent what isn’t broken. Small touches like the pocket square and the single braid at the cuff are sophisticated and work well. Thumbs up.

@theflyingpinto This uniform really didn’t stand a chance with me. I suppose it is ok, but it looks a lot like the tired old uniform I’ve had at my airline for my entire career! Being fair it’s not that bad, the fit looks good, but the hat tipped the scale for me. Ugly! Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION Original hats and traditional flight attendant style. Thumbs up.

@TheSwelleLife Now this is just mean. It’s stiff, dull, and masculine and the hat looks like an upside-down dog bowl. The harsh goldenrod and navy contrast is not very modern. Thumbs down.


@isthisreallife2 Again I like the bold-ness of the colour choice.  It’s a really lovely shade of blue in these images (although I have to say in real life, their uniforms never look this glamorous! Ha!)  I like the three-piece style too.  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion Wing tip collars, on an airline uniform? Sophomoric and literal. Somehow every small detail here seems obvious and unrefined. Thumbs down.

@theflyingpinto I love the way the uniform fits and I find the color very striking. It really stands out in an airport. But, what I see as a pro could become a con..how long would it take to be sick of the color? If they keep the same uniform as long as my airline has (20 years) I can see it getting old!  Thumbs up.

@KIRAFASHION Nice blue, but maybe too blue. Thumbs down.

@TheSwelleLife I like the bright blue and more feminine style of jacket, but those neckerchiefs are just awful. I’m convinced the female staff frequently come into work with hickies – why else would they be made to wear these things? Crimson, gold and navy stripes against royal blue…pass the airsickness bag, please.  Thumbs up without the neckerchief.


@isthisreallife2 I adore their camel coats. Again they have the chic factor like Air France, there is a certain elegance with these two that the others don’t seem to have.  I really like the cultural nod too with their hats, I think it’s a really nice touch and again makes them stand out!  Thumbs up.

@finalfashion Simple and elegant uniform, in a beigey non-colour – it would probably work just as well or better if the suit matched the hat. The white scarf is a good choice for any face and colouring. Thumbs up.

@theflyingpinto Can you say dowdy office worker? Funny enough, even though it’s a similar style hat to Lufthansas this one actually works. Maybe it’s the color combined with the scarf? At any rate I would say that is the best part of the uniform, but what does your hair look like when you take it off?  Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION How chic and mysterious those women are. I love the way they mix the head scarf and the hat. The nude palette with the rouge look incredible. Thumbs up.

@TheSwelleLife Beige usually means bland and boring, but as a passenger I think I’d find this light, modern shade soothing. The traditional sash adds some softness to what is essentially a business suit. Thumbs up.


@isthisreallife2 First off, I would like to say that I love the fact that again, like Delta, they are taking a chance and doing something bold with their uniform, which I really think is great, but unfortunately, unlike Delta, I just don’t think they have pulled it off.  The print is far too big and just won’t flatter all shapes and sizes and it will date so quickly but at least its shows that they are making an effort!  Thumbs up (for trying,)

@finalfashion The satin shirt dress lacks authority and the shiny fabric looks cheap. The overall effect fails to suggest the role of the wearer. Thumbs down.

@theflyingpinto Is this silk? And, is that the designer in the first picture? What was he thinking? He should work in that dress. It looks like the lining in the dress I have now, that we all tear out because of how hot it gets. I’m also pretty sure I have a picture of my grandmother around here somewhere in that same dress!  Thumbs down.

@KIRAFASHION The worse uniform here. Printed clothes definitely don’t go with this job. Horrendous. Thumbs  down.

@TheSwelleLife A refreshing change of style in a more comfy fabric. But the pattern reminds me of a hotel or casino carpet which are designed to hide an array of dirty sins, so I’m thinking Quantas crew get thrown up on a lot.  Also good for disco dancing. Thumbs up for comfort and forgoing the masculine formality of the traditional uniform.

A huge 1000 Fights THANKS to our celebrity judges.  Some great style!  Please follow them on twitter, check out their blogs, and tell them thanks for participating in our project.

Now it is your turn to vote!

Leave your vote for best dressed in the sky in the comment section below.  Flight attendants prepare for crosscheck!