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Nurburg: Outside the Circle

Dreams do come true!  As a kid, I would create Lego cities connected by mini “autobahns.”  Along these paths I would drive my die cast Ferrari, Porsche and BMW at breakneck speeds.  Of course, I would take the best lines in and out of the corners complete with the engine roar!  Thanks to our good friends at RSR Nurburg this boyhood dream is coming to real life!  Come along with us as we discover one of the great couple travel destinations in Germany.

Driving German car

See the story of the “real” Nurburg.

The Fighting Couple is headed to the beautiful Eifel region of central Germany.   This area is home to one of the most famous racing circuits in the world the Nordschleife or Nurburgring.  A ribbon of concrete and asphalt calls its siren song to petrol-heads everywhere.  The ring is simply amazing.  No question.  But we are going to let you in a little known secret… the same people that designed and constructed the Nurburging also designed the roads just outside the race track!  True!  The twists and turns of the mountain roads around the ring are every bit as beautiful and just as challenging…actually maybe a little more!

Nurburg car tour

Feel the Power!

Problem.  You’ve got that economy rental car or you took the train to arrive in the Nurburg area.   That’s were RSR comes in.  They offer some of the finest machines made, all ready and waiting for you to experience.  BMW?  Nissan GT-R? Ferrari?  All waiting for you.  Just turn the key (after you fork over your euros and sign the waiver).  They offer a guided road tour that includes sections of the old Nordschleife.  They know the back way into seeing some of the best turns of the main track including the deadly Bergwerk, Hohe Acht, and the Ex-Mühle.  Besides the beautiful scenery, you will hear the real history of the area and see the old haunts of racers of yesteryear.  How better to explore this area than behind the wheel of a sportster with a brood of ponies under the bonnet?

Nurburg car tour

Explore the Nurburg Area

We are saving the best for last.  Not only will you feel the thrill of twists and turns, take in the majesty of the Eifel hills and dales….but they drive you past some of the secret manufacturing testing sites.  You just might catch a glimpse of the newest creation Dr. Dieter Zetsche.   Sweet!


Thanks again to our kind friends at RSR Nurburg for this dream a reality.  Are you ready to make your dreams happen?  Start your engines!

The Fighting Couple Takes On: The Nurburgring

You know those big booming voice-overs that do movie previews? Imagine one saying, “Faced with certain death. Two star-crossed lovers take on a sea of green… winding through twist and turns.” Ok…perhaps a bit over the top…

We are going to Germany!

Our next couple travel adventure is to the home to om-pa bands, lederhosen and a little known place called the “Green Hell” aka Nurburg, Germany. Our friends at RSR Nurburg have invited us to the Eifel region of central Germany for some romance and a little racing.

A little more about RSR Nurburg.


Here is a little preview of what we are in for:


Dont take our word for it.