Travel choices: Where to go on holiday

Choices. From where what we want to eat for dinner, to a new career path, it seems our life is filled with choices. It can be especially hard to decide if there’s two of you in the travel team. But if you’re struggling for where to stick that pin in the map, fear not. Where you should go on holiday might be the most difficult of choices, but here are three out of the box suggestions for that all-important next trip.

beach twoFor the thrill seekers

Skiing has long been a popular sport, the thrill of carving through fresh snow and on the dime stops is adrenaline pumping indeed. What happens when you live in a place with no snow and you want to ski? Why you simply ski on sand. Take a trip to Qatar, where from there you’ll take a 4WD trip to Khor al-Adaid – known as Qatar’s Inland Sea. Here lies an inlet from the waters of the Gulf that goes deep into the desert, where formations of giant sand dunes surround it. The back of the dunes have a slope of shallow, wind packed grains, making it perfect for sand-skiing or sand-boarding.

For sun and fun

Kenting, Taiwan. Long a destination for Taiwanese travelers, this coastal city shot into prominence after the Life of Pi was filmed there, showing off the blue water and lush vegetation. Rent a surfboard or just lay on the warm beach and relax.

For the history buffs

Chattanooga, Tennessee. This sleepy city was a vital cog in American history, where during the Civil War, the North and South fought heavily for control of it. Take a holiday here and you’ll be able to walk through one of the battles that turned the war for the North, The Battle of Chickamauga. The park stretches through 10 acres of hills and fields, where the park is preserved to look exactly like it did when war waged through it.

Of course, you could spin a globe and get yourselves a lucky dip, try and see the world in alphabetical order or simply comb the length and breadth of the continents one by one. Wherever your travels take you, unfortunately, the choice is up to you.