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We get asked ALOT of questions!  We started this blog to help couples improve their relationship and get out and travel together.  So many of the questions we get and what we share back could benefit other people going through the same thing.  We came up with this safe forum for you to ask us your questions and we will do our very best to answer you.  From time to time we ask some of our friends to respond.  Cool huh?  We cant get to every question…not enough time.  But we will do our best to post the best.

We never share the names or identity of people asking questions….ever….never ever.

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#7  Married to ESPN: My husband hates to travel.  Hate might be too strong a word.  But if he had his choice, he would just stay in the hotel and just watch sports.  What do I do?

The Fighting Couple: Wow.  We hear this one alot.  One idea we might suggest is picking a location that has a sports tie in?  There are some great “sports” cities in the US including New York, Boston, Indy, Tampa, ect.  Why not take in an actual game on vacation?  Why not go to spring training in the spring?   So often for us it is matching something of interest to both of us.  We may even have to split up for a day to make it all work.  Good luck!

#8  To Soon to Give:  I have been on two dates with my new love interest.  We are still kinda in that awkward getting to know each other phase.  Christmas is just around the corner.  Do I get her a present?

The Fighting Couple:  Two dates really doesn’t obligate you to give a gift.  But here is the problem…there is a small chance that she may get you something.   If this is someone that you want to continue seeing, find something in the $20 range (nice box of chocolates).  Wrap it up.  Put it in your car with her name on it.  Should she  pull out a gift… you will be in good shape.

#9  Holiday Travel Yes or No:  …..We have never taken a true “Christmas Vacation”.  We are thinking of doing a last minute booking to somewhere warm.  Where do you recommend we go?  We have limited budget.  Ideas?

The Fighting Couple:    Ok…reality check time.  It is mid December.  Making a booking this late is not going to be pleasant.  If money is a concern, why not save up for spring break?  Take some time and do more planning?  Spur of the moment ideas that include airfare is going to be pricey.  Driving during Holidays can be an exercise in frustration.  Don’t do it.