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The Fighting Couple takes on Peru

The Fighting Couple takes on Peru

The Fighting Couple!

You have reached the home of the Fighting Couple!   Your one stop shop for travel ideas, exciting destinations, a dash of relationship advice and a whole lotta fun!  Just click on the destination tab above and select a destination.  We fill you in on all the must sees!

Fighting really?

We love to travel and yes…. we do fight.  Fighting can be a good thing.    If you fight fair.  The act of fighting is simply two people, with two passionate points of view.  What is wrong with that?

We started this blog to offer couple travel ideas and a little bit of relationship stuff mixed in.  We truly hope you enjoy.

How it all started:

After our honeymoon to Lake Tahoe, Mike turned to Luci and said, “Where are we going next year?” So began our yearly pilgrimage to somewhere new; somewhere we could spend time together (or not) somewhere to fight, somewhere to discover.

Our trips started small. We gave ourselves $100 for every year were married. We take turns planning and choosing where to go. One year it’s Luci’s turn to plan and the next year it’s Mike’s. Our system  has  forced us to be creative. If forced us to look for deals, and now we get share our stories, our fights, our ideas with you!

Whether it’s flying to the Windy City of Chicago for the weekend (our 7th anniversary) or crossing the “Pond” to London (our 9th anniversary), taking a horse drawn carriage ride along the streets of Salt Lake City (our 5th anniversary), the world awaits you! Embrace it!

couple waterfall

Get out and travel the world together!

Travel on the Cheap!

So many friends ask us, how do you guys do it?  You guys are always going somewhere.  We have a secret.  We travel on the cheap!  We fully take advantage of frequent flier programs, hotel rewards and frankly, curbing our lifestyle to afford a trip that will stay with us forever.

Some folks ask us why?  You have kids at home. Why don’t you take them? While we fully support and practice a yearly summer family vacation, the truth is you need couple time. Done right, you’ll spend time discussing or arguing about where to go, what to see and what to spend. And you’ll come back with memories that can’t be replaced.

Despite the fights, the truth is really great for your relationship!  And unfortunately, too many couples don’t take the time to say “time out” and go. So, let us teach you the ropes. We hope you learn from our experiences and share your own.

So start planning, so you’ll have the answer to our favorite question, “Where are you going next?”

— Mike and Luci

we can be contacted at:  mike at 1000fights.com