River Walk Weekend (San Antonio/Austin)

Paseo del Rio

It is no wonder the town is named after St.  Anthony (the patron saint of all things lost…or is it all things found?).  It is easy to get yourself lost in all that is San Antone.  The Riverwalk, the food, the nightlife, the rich history, the mix of cultures all create a spicy brew.  Austin, the capitol of Texas is just up the road about a buck and a half.  Dont miss the outlet malls at San Marcos on the way to or from Austin, they are incredible!

The Alamo

I realize that I could be banned from Texas forever for saying this…but I was a little underwhelmed with the Alamo.  I grew up wearing a coon skin hat and running around river bottoms.  My heroes have always been Boone and Crockett.   I may have had unreasonable expectations.  Candidly, in the present day it is a small restored mission church and a ton of tourists.

San antonio 2009 264

Riverwalk “Paseo del Rio” is definitely the highlight.  As pictured there are little boats that can give you the 30 min tour.  Well worth the “Tin” (Texan for 10) bucks.  So many good eateries, clubs and hotels.  Pair that with the historical perspectives, pretty impressive area.   See our food fights for ideas on places to grub.  The Riverwalk turns into a Dolche and Gabbana ad after about 11pm on the weekends.

San antonio 2009 278

Loved the vibe in Austin.  Very much a government and University town.  We were there during a U of T football weekend.  The entire town was decked out in rust color.  Eat at the Screaming Goat!

San antonio 2009 291

San antonio 2009 290

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