Dealing with the In laws

“I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months. I don’t like to interrupt her.”~ Ken Dodd

One of the common challenges of marriage is dealing with the In-Laws.  Here are a few links to some ideas to help:


mad womanTen Basic Rules for Dealing with In-Laws-

1000Fights:  Our favorite out of this list is #10 keep you sense of humor.  How else can you make it through the holidays?


How to Get Along With the In-Laws: Dealing With In-Laws and Extended Family

1000Fights:  There is so much good stuff packed into this post!  One of our fave lines is: Good fences make good neighbors.  You really need to set clear boundaries to make everything work smoothly.


How to Establish a Good Relationship with Your New Mother-in-Law

1000Fights:  Why not start things off good?  This is a wonderful article about strategies to start the in law relationship off on the right foot.


1000Fights:  Just in case our mothers in law read our blog….You are the best mothers in law, and none of these things apply to you.