Elevate Massage: Kauai Massage at its Best

1)   Tell us a little about Elevate.  What make you unique?

Kauai MassageElevate Health and Wellness is a concept blending medical and luxury spa experiences. Customers can not only book a variety of spa services including massage, acupuncture and Wellness treatments ONLINE, our highly trained practitioners bring the spa to their location. We pride ourselves in providing a beautiful serene atmosphere in the comfort of your hotel room, condo, vacation rental or home. For those who would like to experience a beachside massage, we also offer many of our massage treatments along the beautiful coastline of Kauai. This kind of convenience is not offered by any other spa on island, as far as the booking, the travel and the variety.

We understand that when people are on vacation, they want to relax, sit back, be waited on. Our company offers that luxury and accommodation. We also understand the need to feel like your therapist and practitioners are knowledgeable, well versed and trustworthy. All of our practitioners are highly trained and experienced, unlike many spa’s who may have new massage students straight out of massage school.

Each treatment is customized to the client, their personal needs and their desire for the outcome of the massage. All injury, surgery and inhibition is discussed prior to the massage, so the practitioner has a clear defined understanding of how to treat each person uniquely. This way the client feels like they were personally taken care of, rather than just receiving another ‘rub down’ from the therapist.

One other important piece is that we keep our prices affordable. Spa’s on Kauai charge 2-3X the amount or more than Elevate’s prices. We believe in charging a fair price for an exceptional service to our clientele.We also understand that  corporate spa’s and massage companies in general pay their therapists very little while keeping the majority of the transaction. We want to challenge that kind of ‘industry standard’ by offering our therapists the majority of what they are working for. This creates a sense of happiness in the workplace, comradery, work ethic and incentive for our therapists.

There are many other things, but this is a good start :)


2)   The flights to Hawaii are very long.  Economy seats are very cramped.  How can a massage help to make a dream vacation more enjoyable?

Massage makes everything more enjoyable! Especially after a long tiring travel, the body’s rhythms become disrupted. Sleep patterns, eating patterns, digestive patterns can become irregular. Massage and Acupuncture can create regularity by addressing the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems. Touch alone communicates to the body to create awareness, stimulation, circulation and peristalsis (digestion), to relieve the tensions and anxiety’s that accumulate with travel.

Many massage techniques also utilize stretching and range of motion which lengthens out and expands the muscle tissues after sitting in a compact seat for so long. This creates a sense of comfort, relief and restfulness in the body.
Not only does massage offer physical relief, but the mental and emotional benefits of massage are profound as well. People feel as though they can “take the weight of the world of their shoulders.” They feel cared for, comforted and empowered. After the mental stress of traveling, massage and acupuncture offers a sense of deep connection and requiescence.

3)   Tell us a little more about your modalities?  Which is the most popular?

We offer a variety of modalities including Deep Tissue, Lomi-lomi, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Sports Therapy, Acupuncture, combination acupuncture/massage and Wellness Services. These are all unique and highly sought out modalities, many of which are not offered in traditional spa environments.

Our most popular is our signature Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage. This treatment thoroughly addresses the needs of each client in a way that maybe they didn’t even realize they needed. When getting a massage it is so important to feel as though your actually getting some beneficial work done. It’s not just about relaxing, it’s about healing. Healing requires discovering what’s going on in your body and responding accurately to that discovery. In order to heal, the practitioner encourages the client to breath and work through the tension. This DOES NOT mean it has to be painful. Actually, it’s finding the threshold where pleasure and pain meet and ride that fine line of therapy.

We have also created a unique experience called Acu-Ssage™ A back-to-back Massage and Acupuncture treatment with a seamless transition. This is a 2 or 3 hour treatment with 2 different practitioners. We won’t give away the yummy details, you’ll just have to try it yourself!!

Finding peace and relaxation in Kauai with Elevate Massage.

Finding peace and relaxation in Kauai with Elevate Massage.

4)   What are the benefits of couples massage?

When couples get massages together, there is a sweet knowing that each other was taken care of and provided for in a loving and nurturing way. Massage is always an intimate experience, and when couples can be in that space with one another, it creates a deeper sense of connection. Couples Massage is highly sought out on Kauai. It is an attraction that many couples know will create a loving bond that can encourage empowerment. Massage can also re-set the mood for couples. If there is physical, mental, emotional tension between couples, then no one is having a good time!! Massage and Acupuncture can remind one another of the importance of balance and gratitude

5)   What is your favorite part of living and working on Kauai? 

My favorite part of living on the island is the unique bond of community. Because of it’s size, many people know one another and there can be a lot of support.

Working here we get to go to a variety of exquisite locations. Many houses have spectacular views of the oceans or mountains. We get to set up on lanai’s, beaches, in rooms, houses with million dollar views. This means our office changes daily and we love to have that experience. We enjoy being able to travel island wide and getting to meet all kinds of new people from all walks of life. We hear a variety of fascinating stories from intriguing people from all around the world.

Kauai simply offers some of the most beautiful, exotic places to experience any where in the world. Having a mobile office allows our therapists to enjoy many of these settings and views. Our therapists love having the freedom to hop in their car and drive to various parts of the island to give the best possible treatment our clients could ask for.

6)   What advice would you offer couples visiting the island for the first time?

Our advice for couples would be to enjoy the exquisite beauty of all the different sides of the island and not get over-whelmed. There are many adventures and activities on the Kauai, and seeing the beauty from the ocean and the sky is always preferable. We refer all of our couples to a great company called ActivityKauai.com due to their knowledge, education and information sources for all things Kauai. As far as romance, the island will easily do it’s own magic;  relaxing beach days, adventurous hiking, waterfall sights and flora/fauna eye candy.

A couples massage treatment on Kauai is a profoundly unique experience. Elevate Health and Wellness looks forward to being your premier service for onsite massage treatments. Our trusted therapists and magic hands will leave you with a massage experience second to none. We encourage couples to book online prior to their arrival to get their preffered day and time for the service of choice.

Aloha to all and until we meet soon!


You can book your Elevate Massage here: Elevate Massage