How to Annoy Your Spouse

loud sounds woman5 Things Guaranteed To Annoy Your Wife

1000Fights:  Jason at Live Real, Now really has a great post on those little things we do to annoy our spouse.  the crux of his post deals with “nagging”.  Females get the bad rap at times, but truthfully, men are just at bad at the whole nagging business.  One of the great quotes from the post:   “A wise man once said, if everyone around you is a jerkface, maybe the problem isn’t everyone around you.”  Guys…lets watch our communications with our sweethearts.


Attention Ladies: Your Husband Cannot Read Your Mind!

1000Fights:  Ok, Ladies, it is your turn in the hot seat.  this post may be for you.  This is a great article by Dustin at Engaged Marriage.  It is a great reminder of the importance of verbal communication.  Regardless if you are traveling or writing up the grocery list.  (Most) Men can’t read minds.

From the article, “If you have to tell him that you really like the Russian White paint color for the shelves worlds better than that putrid Eggshell White option, he just doesn’t even know you.  I mean seriously, how can the man you love be so darn thick sometimes?

Ladies, I am hear to tell you that he really doesn’t know!  Men cannot read minds.  And not only can we not read minds, we are oftentimes very inept at picking up on subtle (and not so subtle) hints.”