Living Faster or Deeper?

How to date My Spouse (Dr. Dar)

1000Fights:How do you keep things interesting?  Dr. Dar offers some strongly worded do’s and Don’ts on how to date your spouse.  We love #4 on her list.  Don’t go to a movie!  Why not?  It keeps you from communicating.  There are better ways to reconnect.  What do you do to keep things interesting?   Leave a comment below and let us know!

Living Faster or Deeper (Couple Things Blog)

1000Fights:–This is a really great post on the importance of depth in your relationship. ” … a great marriage isn’t about living faster, it’s about living deeper.”  Dont get caught up in the ticky tack things of everyday, seek out ways to invest in your spouse.  One thing we try to do is compliment each other on our strengths.  Small daily investments with deepen and strengthen your long term relationship.