Leticia’s Cocina-its all about the family

“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”-The Godfather

Leticia’s Cocina

Few eateries live up to their motto when they use the word family.   Doing “Family” is tricky.  Portions must be generous.  Service must be intimate.  Most importantly, when you eat with family,  you expect mamma’s secret recipes.  Mamma Leticia does not dissappoint.  We are stunned that this place is not ranked higher on Urbanspoon.  The only drawback is perhaps its locaiton.  It is away off the strip.  That is not a bad thing.


We were so impressed with the impeccable service rendered.  Every member of the staff, from the young lady welcoming you when you enter, to the waitstaff even to the busboys.


Yum!  The fare is true Mexican Family Style.  Prepare yourself for generous portions, extensive menu offerening and tastes of ole Mexico.  We weren’t too adventurous during our recent visit.  We settled for the family style fajitas.  They did not disspoiton.  The cuts of meat were quality and the seasoning a delight.  Beverage selection is as one would expect.


Get off the “strip” and visit the family.  As you are walking out of the Establishment, there is a picture of Mamma Leticia.  She should be proud.  She inspired a truly great Family restaurant.  Gracias Amiga.
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