Should I all-Inclusive?

Booking season for winter vacations is soon upon us. Many couples face difficult question, should we try an all-inclusive resort? Every couple is unique. For some the option is the perfect decision and for others it could be the worst mistake. We put together a little post to help you with this important decision.

Why are you traveling?

The first question need to ask yourself is why you are traveling. If you are looking to relax and focus on each other, the all-inclusive option is perfect. If are looking to go far-a-field and visit a bunch of different sites all-inclusive is just not for you. We highly recommend the all-inclusive option for honeymooners. After all the planning that goes on with a wedding and combining households the last thing you want to do is sweat all of the small details.

Couple on beach

Do your research

Once you have decided why you’re traveling, the next step is start doing your homework. In order to do a fair comparison between the all-inclusive option versus the do-it-yourself vacation you really need to focus in on the details. At first, the all inclusive option may sound expensive, but when you detail out of all of the small stuff you might be surprised. Read all of the fine print on your resort contract. Understand what is exactly included and excluded from the price. If something seems a little unclear always ask before purchasing. Many resorts have fantastic offerings some cost a little extra, know before you go.

How do you travel?

The next question in making your decision about an all inclusive resort is identifying how do you like to travel. Some couples go on holiday with the expectation that the entire time will be “down-time”. There’re many all-inclusive resorts that specialize in this kind of travel. If getting out and seeing the area is your thing many all-inclusive resorts can help you put together a package to allow you to do just this. The challenge is flexibility. If the offerings by the resort are not as broad as you might wish, perhaps dividing up your holiday into two parts: a rest and relax section and a self directed section. This has worked well for us in the past.

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Comfort factor

While Luci and I love the challenge of going to a place where we don’t speak the language, this is simply not for everyone. The idea of going to a different country that speaks a different language for the first time can be very daunting. Definitely one of the greatest advantages of the all-inclusive option is the level of service that you can get right from start. The second you step off the airplane you are met by people that will care for you during your entire vacation. This is very appealing for someone that has never traveled before or does not want the challenge of navigating new surroundings.

The UK’s most trusted all-inclusive holiday provider First Choice, have put together a handy tool to help you to find out for yourself whether all-inclusive is the best option for you.

Regardless of whether or not you opt for the all-inclusive option we wish you a very happy holiday.