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The Perfect Summer Fling

Finding the perfect summer fling can be a bit of a challenge. What makes a perfect summer fling anyway? Is it poolside with a cool drink? Or lounging at some remote beach with sand and surf? Or is it an alpine getaway? The Fighting Couple has the perfect suggestions to solve either of these flings.

Let’s start with the sand. Our favorite beach location is in southern Thailand, A little place called Ao Nang. What makes this location perfect for a summer fling is its laid-back approach to life, outstanding cuisine and of course, incredible water. This little part of paradise is located just north of Krabi, Thailand. It is a lot less known than its overcrowded cousin Phuket. What you will love about this place is that it doesn’t have high-rise hotels, overpriced chain restaurants or hordes of tourists. What it does offer is a friendly smile, a few T-shirt shops, and perfect beaches.

The Ao Nang Fling

Let’s talk about your itinerary for your summer fling to Ao Nang. The first step is to find and book one of the many boutique hotels in the area. Trip Adviser makes this quest incredibly simple. Research and find one that matches your pocketbook and pretenses. We like to book our hotels away from the water. Many of the hotels in the areas offer great pools and views of the mountains and water. Most offer a generous breakfast and shuttles back and forth to the water. We stayed at the Aonang Phu Petra Resort and highly recommend it!

The next step is to go and book your boat. There’re number of vendors that are available along the water. Don’t forget to negotiate the best price… this is Thailand after all.

Thailand islands

Anchors away to paradise.

Spend the entire day on the water. We paid $40 for the day for our own boat and captain. You are the boss of your day. You determine how much time you spend at each beach. The boat will take you from island to island to find the perfect beach matching even your most exotic dreams.  Avoid the big islands like Phi Phi and Railai, although Railai can be very nice in the late afternoon. There are many little islands with amazing beaches. If one becomes too crowded, have your boat captain taken to the next. Pack a well-stocked picnic basket for the day and just enjoy the beauty of Thailand.

On your return back to shore, make reservations at the best restaurant in town. It is called Lae Lay Grill. It is special. Very “fling” worthy. Give them a call and they will even pick you up from your hotel and take you back after your meal. Order the fried rice that comes in a pineapple husk. All of the pineapple sweet juices blend in with the rice making it a succulent treat. Order the daily special and watch the chefs cook in the open kitchen. This is what we loved most about the restaurant, besides that incredible view!  The open kitchen and the chefs’ tricks are worth the night out. Very entertaining.

The islands of Thailand!

The islands of Thailand!

The grand finale of your fling will definitely be a moonlight stroll on the beach. A perfect day. The perfect summer (or whenever) fling!

We almost forgot, there is one thing that you must do before you book your fling. Stop over at our friends at www.3wishes.com and pick out a floral lace lingerie teddy. What would a fling be without something to fan the flames?

The Alpine Fling

Living in the western United States, we sometimes take our beautiful Tyrolean environment for granted. The crown jewel of alpine settings in the American West is none other than Lake Tahoe. Mike grew up visiting the area and can give you an insiders guide on crafting the perfect summer fling. Mike and Luci also honeymooned in the area, but that’s another fight…

Getting to Lake Tahoe

First off, getting to the Lake is a little tricky. The nearest airport of any size is in Reno, Nevada.  Southwest Airlines flies there, so if you are west of the Mississippi, you can likely find an affordable flight into Reno. You are definitely going to need a rental car. The area is ideal for going topless…. convertibles or course! The drive from Reno to Tahoe takes about an hour. In our opinion, Reno isn’t much to look at, so head straight to the Lake. There are two ways to get there: head south from the airport, or take a more scenic route and head for the California line then turn south at Truckee.

Pure blue water of Tahoe

Pure blue water of Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has some of the clearest water we have ever seen. The mountains surrounding the Lake frame an incredible setting. Lake Tahoe is divided between two states: California and Nevada. On the Nevada side, gaming is allowed. Most of the upscale hotels and restaurants are located in South Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side. We much prefer and we strongly recommend renting a bed-and-breakfast or even a small rental home on the California side.

There are many things to do and see in and around the Lake. A great place to start your fling is by hiking down to Vikingsholm. This castle/lodge is located right along the water on the California side. Take the 30 minute hike and tour this intriguing and eclectic home. Towering Ponderosa evergreens line the path down to the home. There are picnic benches around the home, perfect for a lovely lunch.

If you’re looking for something for your active lifestyle, Lake Tahoe beckons you. There’re many day hikes, walking paths, and state parks in the area that are just waiting for you and your lover to explore. We highly recommend visiting one of the Forest Service offices to get updates on local conditions and ideas. If golf is your game, there are a couple of world-class courses along the banks of the Lake.

The colors of Lake Tahoe

The colors of Lake Tahoe

The one “must do” we highly recommend is taking the gondola to the top of the Heavenly Ski Resort. They have some great little cafes at the top.  The vista from the top is priceless.  Watching the sunset from the top will seal the deal.

We hope that one of these two ideas will spark interest on creating your own summer fling. These two are favorites, where do you recommend?

Krabi for Couples

Picture this setting: A sleepy beach town stuck in slow motion.  The sun drifting below the horizon throwing pinks and orange streaks across the water and sky.  Walking hand in hand along the golden sandy strip of beach with you lover.  A light ocean breeze comes across the water.  Behind you, a thick lush jungle wraps the town like a warm comforter.  If you believe that this paradise simply sounds too good to be true, you have never been to Krabi, Thailand.

Thailand BeachesKrabi is  located an hour south of Bangkok, Thailand via airplane, or a stunning 2 hour boat ride from Phuket.   Phuket is a great base to visit the entire area.   If you are looking for holidays in Phuket start here.   More about incredible Phuket in a future post.  The Krabi area offers beach of choice: Koh Lanta, Ao Nang, Koh Pi Pi, Railai ect.  We stayed in Ao Nang and highly recommend it for its food, access to boats, and quality yet affordable accommodations.

What to do

Make your visit to Krabi the ultimate quest to find the perfect beach.  The night before your adventure, head into one of the small grocery stores along the main road in Ao Nang.  Load a basket with some of your favorite picnic items.  Don’t forget your favorite beverages.  You will need some water as well, as it was not readily available at many of the beaches we explored.  Step one:  head down to the beach area in the early morning (early = 8 a.m. on vacation for us).  Step two:  approach at least two, preferably three of the boat kiosks along the water front and ask for the 4 to 5 beach private long boat tour.  Don’t go cheap and book a boat with a bunch of other people…the price is really not that much more, and going out as a couple is so much more fun.

Time to get on the water!  You will pay your bill which should range from $50-75 for the entire day.  Then they will direct you to a truck that will take you down to their boat launch.  Board your craft and off you go!  The boat drivers typically speak enough English, Swedish, German, or Japanese to make basic communication possible.  The driver takes you from one small island to the next in you quest for the perfect beach at your leisure. The sand is as white as sugar and the water is warm, about 80 degrees. Luci hates cold water so it was perfect for her!  It will be a day, that you will never, never forget.  Take a look at some of these pictures:

Thailand Beaches


Thailand Beach

Thailand Beaches

Thailand Beaches

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Where to stay

One of the great things about Krabi is the big “monster” resorts have yet to arrive. (This is a very good thing.)  What you will find in terms of accommodation varies in quality and correlating price.  There is everything for basic hostel type with shared facilities to self-catering cottages.  We elected to stay in two different bed and breakfasts.  Our priority was price and comfort.  Staying right on the beach wasn’t a big deal to us.  Both locations were a short 3 minute ride to the water and both places had their own shuttle AKA pick up truck.  Not a problem.

Krabi, Thailand

Phu Pi Maan

Phu Pi Maan–  Despite the poor choice of  name…this resort is really wonderful.  The resort offers free transport to and from town.  It is really easy.  We also liked being off the main drag.  Rooms were clean and large.  Beds are a bit hard, but we are softies from the states.   One of our favorite parts of this place is the pool.  It is a split level with makes it perfect for couples.  The owners are devout Muslims so alcohol in any form is not available for purchase.  Don’t miss June and Jane’s Massage just down the street, great massage for a great price. We paid $50 for  two hour massage and scrub for the two of us! A clean facility and nice people!


Krabi Thailand

Phu Petra Resort

Phu Petra-The best service we had in Thailand was at this superb little resort a couple minutes from town.  Much like Phu Pi Maan, free transport was offered to and from Ao Nang.  Phu Petra is a little more upscale, with its huge suites and setting at the base of stunning limestone cliffs.  Breakfast is included in the price and is more than adequate. You’ll have your choice of made to order omelets, meats, fruits and fresh juices.  The front desk is a fountain of knowledge on the area and can make just about anything happen for you.


What to Eat

Krabi ThailandKrabi is seafood mecca!    We did struggle to find traditional Thai in the area. It’s definitely a tourist zone!  Load up on the good traditional Thai fare in Bangkok.  We did find the perfect seafood grill.  Perched on the side of a small hill overlooking the city is the Lae Lay Grill.  This place is so good that we ate there twice during our stay!  (This is unusual for us, we typically like to explore a different place every night.)  So yes, it is that good.  We love the open kitchen as you walk in.  They take their food prep serious!  Service is above average, and the quality of the food is high.  The best part is of course the view of the ocean that the place offers.  Try the rice cooked in a pineapple and the seafood platter.  We ate there our last night and we were speechless watching the sunset.  (the Fighting Couple speechless?  We didn’t think this was possible.)

Krabi, thailand

The warm waters of Southern Thailand are truly meant for couples.  Take the challenge to find the perfect beach!  Southern Thailand has so much to offer!  Stop dreaming and make it happen!