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Hottest Blogging Hunks!

As many of our followers know we recently held the Travel Blogging hottest Hubby and Travel Divas contest. Response was incredible! We had loads of fun, made some new friends, and shared some great travel blogs. We decided not to neglect our solo traveler friends.

Our intent is not to run a petty beauty contest…only to give you a look at some of the very best in independent travel blogging.  Blogs were nominated that focused on single travel.  There are some really, really great folks out there on the road that have insights to share.  So visit theses sites and vote early and often!  Voting ends Jan 5th 2011.

Les Hommes


“I cofounded and coedit the online travel and global culture magazine World Hum, whichMichael Yessis and I started in 2001 to publish great writing and bring travel storytelling into the digital age. World Hum features stories, essays, interviews and dynamic audio slideshows from the world’s leading travel writers and thinkers.”  http://www.jimbenning.net


“Brendan paints a picture for his readers on what life is like on the road.  He describes his experiences through the lens of an intrigued and curious child, and his words display his strong sense of adventure.  For example, he guides the reader through the process of traveling by bus through Colombia and hiking the Inca Trail.”  www.brendansadventures.com/


“Born in St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, but raised on the Hawaiian island of Maui, I have been strangely fascinated by the rest of the world since a very early age. I was one of those weird kids who knew every capital of every country at the age of 5. To this day I can still remember the name of every place I have ever been.”   http://www.kylethevagabond.com


The Daytrading traveler.  “When I was 13 years old: working two jobs, going to school, and doing extra curricular activities like soccer and weight training.     I was the obsessive salesman, a “fanatical entrepreneur”, I was working for my freedom.”  http://wanderingtrader.com/


“It might sound over-dramatic, but there is drama in a man finding the key to a cell that for years he’s called life. Time will be the storyteller of what lies beyond these familiar confines. But I am awake.”  http://www.traveling-savage.com