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Couple of Sports

Do you ever have the  “What if” dream?  What if I sold everything I own and traveled?   Think of the places you would see.  Think of the people you would meet.   We want to introduce you to a couple that did just that!  Couple of Sports.  A few months ago we came across them on twitter, right as they were embarking on a year’s journey around the entire US in search of sport.  They are attending a sporting event in each state!  Of course we emailed them and said, “come watch a game on the Blue Turf in Boise.  We didn’t think we would hear from them again.  Well we did!  Mark and Jackie called us and we struck and instant friendship.  We had a chance to show them around our fair city.  They are two kind and inspiring individuals.

As you can imagine, one of our questions for them was….do you guys fight?  Living in such close quarters day in and day out, we would KILL each other.  We asked them to share their best fight:


Couple of Sports – A Different Kind of Food Fight

From the beginning, my wife and I have shared one thing: A love for food that knows no bounds. We love going out to eat, which is an ever-present part of dating that we continued into our marriage. We love trying out the newest trendy restaurant, finding that hidden gem, or partaking in the local street food when in a new city. And we both dreaded the necessary months of dieting, but always found a chance to reward ourselves with a night out.

But somehow, this food love-fest has sparked some of the biggest fights in our relationship. The main culprits? Either indecisiveness or stubbornness, depending on the night. We’re always on the same page at the beginning; we’re hungry, and don’t want to cook. But after that, things can go awry quickly.

“What are you in the mood for?” is a much more loaded question that you might imagine. Most often, neither one of us wants to be the decision maker, because we don’t want to go against the other person’s subconscious preferences. Inevitably, one of us will break down and choose a place to go, which could lead to an exchange like this:

–        “Ugh, Mexican food AGAIN?”

–        “But I thought you were open to ANYTHING?”

–        “Well, I thought you wanted something new!”

–        “Fine, YOU decide!”

And the vicious cycle is repeated yet again.

On the flip side, one of us wants sushi REALLY badly, and the other one wants pizza. There’s no real compromise there, unless you trek out to multiple places. On those nights, either one of us doesn’t get what we wanted, or we decide to be uber-stubborn and not go out at all, so neither of us can be happy.

We tried to hedge our bets by making a list of places that we wanted to try out. In order to make it on the list, we both had to agree that anything on the list would be something that we would both be willing to eat. This proved effective at times, but still led to fights when we each wanted to go to the place that we had put on the list.

And now that we’re traveling the country in an RV, our food fights have just changed locations. We still argue about where to eat, when to eat, and how many fast food stops is too many. But with limited refrigerator space on the RV we’ve quickly learned one thing: Compromising on food choice is a lot better than eating ramen for the 4th straight night!


1000Fights:  What a great fight!  We wish Mark and Jackie the very best out on the road!




10 Questions to Ask Your “All Inclusive” Resort

All inclusive.  What does that really mean?  Is EVERYTHING included?  All inclusive resorts are a great travel idea for couples that don’t want to sweat all of the details.  All inclusives range from your classic sun and sand resorts to all inclusive winter skiing holidays.  We put together a little guide to help you ask the right questions before taking you first all inclusive adventure.

1)      Getting there-Believe it or not there are some all inclusive resorts that actually include airfare to and from your home!  Wow!  While this is truly a rare offering, you really need to know this upfront.  Travel to and from your destination is often the most expensive portion of your trip.

2)      Meals-This is one of the most common offering for all inclusives.  Meals are most often spelled out as breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is critical to get a clear understanding, if one of the three is not included, ask about the on and offsite resort food options.  If you or your sweetheart have food concerns including: allergies, limited food likes, or have other food related medical/religious concerns its always best to call ahead before booking.

3)      Meals II-Another important consideration is how good the food is. If you have pre-paid all your meals, you are “locked” into limited options.  Ask questions like: how many food venues do you have on site?  What different types of food do you offer: Chinese, French, fast food?

4)      Booze-This is an important question.  Ask if beer and wine are included only with meals, just dinner, or for a short “happy” hour after dinner.  Ask if spirits and liquors are included, and if they are not, where they can be purchased.

5)      Fine Dining-Are you noticing a common thread on a number of these questions?  Food!  Another key question to ask is about the fine dining options.  When traveling, we always love to spoil ourselves a little one night.  Ask the resort of they have any fine dining options included.  If not, ask about restaurants in the vicinity.  It just might be worth it to venture off “campus” to get some really good food.  Again, know your options.

jet ski

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6)      Fun!-Is fun included?  Sure there is unlimited use of the jet skis…but…you must rent a helmet $$$.  Ask about massages, spa treatments, access to swimming pools and saunas.  Most include the basics and then you pay for the extras.  Find out what is included before your get your final bill.

7)      Kids-Some all inclusive resorts really specialize in traveling with children.  Some resorts even have infant and toddler programs!  For a new parent, an all inclusive is truly a relationship savior.   Keep in mind, not all inclusives are family friendly.  Many such resorts cater to adults.  Everything from evening entertainments, libations, and even the dress code might shock you.  Know before you go!

8)      Sight seeing/side trips–  While sitting on a white sand beach all week sounds great, you may want to see the locations further afield.  Are these side trips included?  Do you have to pay for the guides?  Is the transportation to and from the side trip included?

9)      Taxes/Fees-We saved this one for the end, we don’t want to rain on your parade, but this is a key factor in selecting the best resort for you.  Many resorts advertise with a sexy “base” rate that looks too good to be true.  Take the time to read the fine print.  Be aware that if you are going to an offshore resort, the fees and taxes might be a true shock.

10)   Tips/gratuity-this is certainly one area where you would not expect to be included in the all inclusive, but it never hurts to ask and understand what the standard practice for the resort is.

If your are looking for a vacation from your typical vacation, an all inclusive can be a great couple travel option for you.  Regardless if you are seeking the beach or all inclusive winter skiing holidays, ask the questions.  We just want you to enjoy your hard earned vacation by asking the right questions before you go.  Have fun!