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Top 10 reasons to travel as a couple.

#1  It is very difficult to ride a tandem bike alone.

#2  You need someone that can tactfully tell you that, “no, that ‘I heart Detroit’ shirt is not a good idea.”

#3  Your Japanese is a bit rusty, making it difficult to ask someone else to snap photos.

#4  When you need someone to stamp a spider at 2am.

#5  Single men would never make it back from vacations as they will never ask for directions.

#6  Someone needs to tell her that she doesn’t look fat in that tourniquet…I mean bikini.

#7  Peruvian Sunsets are more breathtaking when viewed with your sweetheart:)

#8  Fighting and yelling alone in a Punto might get you fitted with a straight jacket.

#9 Who would you blame for taking the metro the wrong direction?

And finally:

#10- Who is going to stop you from getting that tattoo of the Chinese characters  for “supermarket”?