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Fighting Couple’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for the avid traveler is not an easy task. Ask any wanderer what they want and they will usually say they don’t want anything. Travelers are not about collecting things; they value experience over physical goods.  So what is to be done?  The Fighting Couple to the rescue!  We put together a list of a few items that every traveler would LOVE for Valentine’s Day.  While some of these items may appear small and all are quite affordable, each is a perfect gift for the traveling man or woman. Every time your lover travels, they will be reminded of you.  Score! Travelers are all about form and function.  We have put each of these items to the travel test, so you can rest assured that they will be the perfect gift.  A word of warning: a number of these gifts sell out fast, many of them are handmade and take time to make and deliver.  Get your orders in quick to assure delivery by V-Day!

The Best Travel Umbrella Lilly's Shop

The Best Travel Umbrella Lilly’s Shop

The Perfect Travel Umbrella

We love travel products that are multi-functional.  Packing space is so limited and expensive!   The first gift to make our list is the Travel Umbrella from Lilly’s Shop.  This little gift packs a big punch!  It includes a 37″ umbrella that collapses into a smart, little case.  What we love about this umbrella is the classy case.  It functions as a case for sunglasses or other items when you are using the umbrella.   During our recent visit to London, we were constantly going in and out of museums.  The question always arises…”where are we going to stow our wet umbrella?”  If we put it in our backpack, it is going to get everything else soaked.  Not good.  The beauty of gift, is the case offers an ideal place for wet umbrellas without getting everything all wet.  Brilliant huh?  Want to pick your fave color umbrella?  Done.  Want the case monogrammed?  How about 9 different types of lettering and 45+ different colors!  The personalized gift means so much to the traveler!


Map cuff links from Bejeweled Vintage.

Map cuff links from Bejeweled Vintage.

Travel in Style

I think I have found the only way to get Mike to read a map!  Put a map on a fancy pair of cufflinks!  Seriously, travelers love to talk about travel.  This handsome pair of cuff links from Bjeweled Vintage will be an easy conversation starter.  We love taking in the opera or a good concert when we are on vacation.  French cuffs are a must!  These upscale links are hand-made using crystal clear glass instead of resin.  As you hold them in your hand, you can really feel the heft of the quality.  Not only are these cuffs great for Valentine’ Day, they are the ideal solution for a groomsman or Father’s Day gift.  Not in love with the globe map?  There are dozens of different maps offered.  They even allow you to pick your own location on the map to feature!  Find the perfect conversation starter.  The links come in an attractive jewelry pouch in a gift box.

It gets even better!  We are going to save you some euros!  ***** VALENTINES DAY SALE 5% off entire order ….. Coupon code PROMO5 ********


Paris Scarf from Lyndy Lou Designs.

Paris Scarf from Lyndy Lou Designs.

Paris Travel scarf

Ask us what our favorite city in the world and we will instantly say, “Paris!”  Paris is the capital of love!  Why not give your lover a gentle hint on where you want to go next?  The Paris Travel Scarf from Lyndy Lou Designs is gorgeous.  This unique scarf features a print with vintage Paris locations and some of our fave haunts!  It can be worn a number of different ways.  It is good-sized so you can easily double or even trip wrap it.  It is made of cotton and rayon.  The print feels like a vintage map with pink and teal highlights.  The other portion is solid teal.  The entire scarf folds easily to fit in a handbag or luggage.  Scarves expand your wardrobe. A huge bonus if you are short on luggage space.  Highly recommend!

Click on the picture for a large view.

The perfect travel watch: DUO by Botta Design.

The perfect travel watch: DUO by Botta Design.

The Ultimate Travel Watch

Guys are tough to shop for.  Traveling guys are impossible to shop for!  Until now.  We have long-searched for a travel watch that met the following criteria: stylish, functional, not over the top, easy to adjust, simple to read, and durable.  We finally found it!  The Botta Design: DUO Watch.  Made in Germany, this ruggedly handsome timepiece is one of the most unusual watches in the world.  It operates on one hand technology.   This is a watch for the discriminating traveler.  What makes this watch unique is there are only two hands, one for the local time, and another for a time zone of your choice.  Mike’s everyday watch is not ideal for traveling internationally.  When we travel, he has worn an old “Ironman” digital.  It is impossible to remember how to program and lacks a second time zone option.  Traveling with kids at home, it is reassuring to always know the time back in Idaho. Operating the DUO watch is simple:  Pull the adjusting tab out, spin to the desired time, and you are good to go.  Waterproof?  Yes.  Easy to read?  Yes.

You must know, this is one of the most handsome watches Mike has ever owned.  With that said, there is an inherit danger in traveling with men’s watches: appearing too flashy.  Don’t tell our Mother-in-Law, but we travel to some “rough” places.  Wearing too much “bling” will get prices doubled instantly or even worse… With the DUO, you get quiet elegance.  You look sharp, without screaming you are well-heeled.  You will be comfortable wearing this watch in the Vietnam jungle or a Viennese opera house.

Derby Fine Lingerie

Derby Fine Lingerie

Lovely Lingerie

Our next gift is for both him and her!  Why not heat up your Valentine’s Day with a handmade creation from Derby Fine Millinery & Clothing?  Every little pretty thing you purchase is lovingly handmade with the highest quality natural and organic fabrics.  Each piece is made to order.  You work directly with the fashion artist to create something that will fit you.  Derby’s retro style is unique and beautiful.  There is likely just one thing that your man likes more than travel.  Treat him to something that will knock his socks off literally!

Not only does Derby make wonderful intimates, they are also fabulous hat makers.  Her hand-blocked hats are made of the finest wool and fur felts.  Each hat is a work of art.  Every one is hand stitched and custom fit. They look like something Lady Mary from Downton Abbey would wear.

Derby Fine Millinery and Clothing is based in the Pacific North West, so we are a little biased!  We love products made near our home.


Red Damask Leather Camera Strap from Porteen Gear.

Red Damask Leather Camera Strap from Porteen Gear.

 Comfy Camera Strap

Have you ever looked around when you are visiting a museum or attraction?  There are a lot of ugly, ugly, camera straps out there!  Don’t let you lover be ugly!  The fix is easy, pick out one of the stylish leather camera straps from our friends at Porteen Gear.  We use the Red Damask Leather strap and absolutely love it.  They offer designs and materials that will satisfy even the most discriminating taste.  These straps are adjustable from 28 inches to 43 inches.  They easily attached to most DSLR cameras.  They are not ideal for your point and shooters.  Each strap is made with stylishly crafted poly strap on the front and comfy suede leather on the back.  Our DSLR is heavy!  Slap our long lens on it and it is a burden.  The strap that came with our Cannon was skinny and the side would dig into our shoulders.  We honesty knew we needed something new after our recent hike around Machu Picchu. Porteen Gear’s straps are soooo comfy, even after hiking around.  The best thing?  Every other traveler with the ugly “manufactures” plastic straps will be very jealous.  Unless you meet up with us, then we will look stylish together!  These straps are very affordable.  Your shoulders will thank you for it.

Sleeping Mask from Chere Patos.

Sleeping Mask from Chere Pafos.

Sexy Sleep Masks

“To sleep…perchance to dream,” the immortal words of fellow traveler Shakespeare.  Sleep is one of the most precious things during our travels.  Finding comfort and sleep on jets or in unfamiliar hotel rooms can be a challenge.  We have certain strategies we use to find some shut-eye.  One of the best kept secrets is using sleeping masks.   We were slow to embrace the sleep mask…that was until we found our friends at Chere Pafos.  They took a simple mundane product and created a work of art! These handcrafted sleeping masks are made with plush satin.  Importantly, they are large enough to give you enough coverage to block out all light.  Now if they would just block out the annoying seat mate’s snoring!

What we love most about Chere Pafos Designs are the playful patterns that they have come up with.  They have many styles, shapes and colors.  If you want a basic black one for the male in the companionship, they have one of those.  Luci’s favorite is the hot pink satin cat mask; it makes her feel like Cat Woman! Take it from couple travel bloggers that spend a ton of time in the air, this little gift will be a lifesaver.  To make this even more special, write a card to your lover and mention that you want them to think of you every time they close their eyes to dream!

You cannot go wrong with any of these items!  From the Fighting Couple, we want to wish each and every one of you a very lovely Valentine’s Day.  We do care that you love our selections.  Please come back and leave us some feedback on what you selected and what you thought.


Disclosure: On occasion we are offered items to review on this site.  Does this affect our honest review and opinion?  Not one bit!