Texts, Holidays and a Love Story

This edition includes three different articles that we really enjoyed.  The last one will warm your heart!

woman texting10 Text Messages Every Man Loves to Get-

1000Fights: Tis the season for gratitude!  Ladies, one of the kindest things you can do is build you man up!  This post from Barbara Peters of The Gift of a Lifetime is a great reminder of how the small things are really big.

3 Things You Can’t Control During The Holidays

1000Fights: Stu Gray of StupendousMarriage has a very timely post.  The Holidays are upon us.  We will likely all face crowded transport, long drives and stressful commutes over the woods to the dreaded: IN-LAWS.  Stu gives some real world ideas on how best to face the challenges of the holidays.

A Travleing Couple: A love story

1000Fights:Lillie Marshal one of our 2011 blogging divas is engaged!  Congrats to Lillie and Colin.  Check out the romantic way Colin popped the question.  We cant wait to have another couple travel blog out there!