Fascinating Middle East Destinations For Those in Love

Are you looking to rejuvenate, enhance, or enjoy your love life? What expectations are you having for your upcoming holidays? Thinking about the Middle East will give you a refreshing shot at your relationship. Forget what you hear about this region – the wars and endless turmoil. Tucked within this largely Muslim region are gems of locations that will appeal to you. What’s more? They are all safe. 


Oman is an exquisite location to visit and enjoy with your beau. Though it is a desert, both of you will have fun on its long beaches bordering the vast Indian Ocean. The friendly and inviting locals will make it easy for you to blend in as you unwind. Here are a few factors that make this an irresistible place to visit:

  • Most stunning: it has a fascinating history and ‘expensive’ frankincense trees. Frankincense is burnt as incense in some places of worship. It makes eyeliner, perfume, and an ingredient for embalming. 
  • Strategic location along the coast: there is Sawadi Beach where you can enjoy water sports and have a quiet picnic together. 
  • Natural beauty: includes dramatic mountains such as Hajar and Jebel Akhdar. It is home to the Oryx.
  • Scenic landscape: experience this in places like the Musandam, Nahkhl’s hot springs, and Bimmah Sinkhole.
  • Hospitable locals: who will give you a taste of mouthwatering cuisine and explain their interesting traditions.

Beirut, Lebanon

Like most places in the Middle East, Beirut is safe with a rich culture. Despite what it has been through in terms of war, it still has attractions that you must visit as you cement your love. Get mesmerized by the architectural designs of the souks as you saunter around doing your shopping.

How about catching up with Lebanese history at the Martyrs’ Square? This landmark is a reminder of the executions during Ottoman’s reign. Stroll along the waterfront for a cool evening breeze. In addition, do not shy away from the nightlife. It’s vibrant.

Dubai, UAE

This is the ideal place for relaxation as a couple. Dubai is synonymous with a vacation paradise. It has many sightseeing attractions and unique structures. Getting a visa is an easy process so you can enter the city with no hassle. You will not experience any dull moments. 

If anything, there won’t be enough time to sample every place or engage in the many activities open to you. Places to visit include The Dubai museum, massage center, Dubai Mall, vast deserts, and sandy beaches. Participate in activities like yachting, skiing (Yes, in Dubai), desert safari, flyboarding, wining, and dining among a host of others.  


Your greatest concern as a couple is security during your trip. Jordan offers this in abundance and much more. It has remarkable areas like Petra with its breathtaking architecture. Expect to have a blast in Jordan’s Dead Sea. 

You will enjoy diving and splashing warm water on each other at Aqaba. Pure pleasure awaits you in the form of hot springs that are tucked away beneath a waterfall. You can top all these up by venturing into Mujib Biosphere, which is the lowest point in the world. 


This is a modern country with a rich historical and cultural background. It is a perfect break from your everyday environment. As a multi-ethnic country, Bahrain is quite accommodating which will make you feel at home. There are many places for you to visit and enjoy as a couple. 

They are intriguing yet not crowded to offer you time to talk and listen to each other. Some must-visit exciting spots include Mountain of Smoke (Jebel Al Dukhan), Al-Fateh Mosque, Tree of Life (Shajarat-al-Hayat), Lost Paradise (Dilmun Water Park), Al Areen Reserve, and the Azizia Bird Kingdom among others.

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