Top 7 Ideas For Couples in Dubai

Looking for a beautiful place to travel for you and your partner to create new memories, have thrilling adventures and fall even more in love? Look no farther than Dubai, your perfect romantic location. With so many incredible places to visit, you really can’t go wrong soaking up all of what Dubai has to offer. Below we have listed seven of our couple spots to visit while here. 

  1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
    As one of the most captivating attractions in Dubai, you’ll find you and your partner hand in hand while being in awe of the most diverse collection of aquatic life. The Dubai Aquarium is known as the largest indoor aquarium in the world, and the Underwater Zoo brings you up close and personal with crabs, otters, penguins, jellyfish, piranhas and more! Make sure to take that romantic walk through the underwater tunnel and keep an eye out for those sharks. If anyone gets a little scared, hugs are recommended.
  2. Dolphin Bay
    If your goal is to create an incredible memory, throwing yourself in a wetsuit and jumping into a pool of Dolphins will probably do the trick. At Dolphin Bay at Atlantis, the most sophisticated dolphin habitat in the world, you have the opportunity to choose between a shallow water experience, a swimming experience or a scuba diving experience with these remarkable animals. You and your loved one are bound to leave Dolphin Bay with a smile you won’t be able to get rid of for days.
  3. Dubai Garden Glow
    At first, Dubai Garden Glow may not seem like a place you are drawn to, until you find out it’s a literal ‘glow-in-the-dark garden’ filled with unique art and themes, creating an unbelievable experience for any couple who visits. Grab some comfortable shoes and be ready to have your mind blown. 
Soaking in Dubai
  1. Marina Beach
    Despite Dubai being a desert location, you will still be able to experience that incredible beach vibe here. The beautiful Marina Beach has many fun activities, delicious restaurant options and is completely free. The unique sky rise backdrop overlooking the water is stunning and a bonus point, you will literally be able to shop until you drop here. If you want to push it up a notch, this is the perfect location for you to hire your first sports car in Dubai and take your loved one for a spin in the area! 
  1. Dubai Ferry
    A great way to see the city from a unique angle is to take advantage of the Dubai Ferry. There are a variety of different locations you can go to and rides are predominately between one and two hours. The boat is a slow and smooth sail, so motion sickness shouldn’t be an issue and cuddling together is mandatory. Food and drinks are available onboard.
  2. Dubai Opera
    If you’re looking to take your loved one to a show than the Dubai Opera is where you should be looking. Located in downtown Dubai, it is the epitome of art and music. You can even enjoy The Opera District, a square kilometre of waterfront promenades, recreational spaces and parks, and shopping. A romantic evening is in the books here.
  3. Flying Cup
    As a new attraction, the Flying Cup is an intriguing ‘new thing to do’ while visiting Dubai. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you can sit 40 meters high and enjoy snacks and drinks while you take in the views of City Burj Al Arab, The Palm Atlantis and Skydive Dubai. This will truly be a memory you will both remember forever. 

Whatever your romantic preferences are, Dubai has the most amazing places to see and things to do. Incredibly enough, these aren’t even the only places you can choose! Your romantic experience will be elevated here, and you both will leave Dubai happy, smiling and even more in love than before.

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