Swaziland-A window into Hope and Desperation

You really must visit Swaziland. The natural beauty is compelling. Swazi crafts are also impressive. But most of all, go to Swaziland to learn about yourself. So many life lessons are learned when you witness happiness and hope amid abject poverty. The Swazi situation is difficult to witness, but you will be the better human […]


One night in AMS

One of the great things about woodenshoeland is that every flight in the world stops there. Once on a flight from SFO to LAX I had a 2 hr layover there.  Amsterdam is truly a vibrant city.  So easy to get around.  Great young vibe.  This coupled with the fact that it is one of the most […]


Globe Nomads

The Globe Nomads Leng & Li have one of the most organized blogs out there.  They even invented a unique rating system for reviews on hotels, gear and destinations!  Leng and Li offer an extensive review of sites in the UK.  Give their blog a look! 1) How many countries visited between the two of you? Just 12 for […]

Travleing Canucks

The Traveling Canucks!

Looking for a double black diamond, light your hair on fire couple adventure blog?  Look no further!   Round the world trip?  Done.  Hit 6 continents?  Done.  Trekking in Nepal?  Done.  These guys are really the been there done that adventure couple! “Traveling Canucks is a site dedicated to travel, adventure and world discovery. Tune in […]

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7 Questions with Our Momentary Lapse of Reason

Our Momentary Lapse of Reason From their site:  ”Beginning in June of 2008 we (Tracy & Jason) left our families, friends, house & jobs in Denver to follow our dream of traveling the world. This website is a chronicle of our 2 year journey.” When we started asking our fellow couple travelers to awnser our […]


Top 10 reasons to travel as a couple.

#1  It is very difficult to ride a tandem bike alone. #2  You need someone that can tactfully tell you that, “no, that ‘I heart Detroit’ shirt is not a good idea.” #3  Your Japanese is a bit rusty, making it difficult to ask someone else to snap photos. #4  When you need someone to […]

Traveling with a Mate

Traveling with a Mate

Traveling with a Mate In our unending effort to prove that we are somewhat normal (no laughing).  We have approached a number of fellow couple travelers to answer our “7 Questions”.  Today’s lucky couple is Matt and Deborah.  They run a very helpful site entitled:  “Traveling with a Mate“.  More than a mere collection of personal travel […]


Put it in Context

We must put a clear disclaimer on this post, there is one thing that we both hate more than a layover in anywhere that begins with Den and ends with a Ver: it is tour guides.  WE DESPISE THEM!  In so many places we have seen the gaggle of tourists led by someone that is supplying […]