Fight on Flight

Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is best known for its breathtaking landscapes. It is known as the “Garden Isle” due to the beautiful greenery that drapes the island. Cliffs, canyons, and waterfalls remain untouched, as the terrain is impassable by car. The only way to see the whole island is by air. We are partnering […]


Hit the Brick

Hit the Brick “There isn’t any trendy food in the Treasure Valley!”–WRONG! One of the best kept secrets in Boise…isn’t in Boise.  Located just down the road from Boise in Nampa, Idaho, Brick 29 is one of the very best independent food joints in the valley.  Highlights include: Bread Pudding, lamb shank, and of course […]

10 Reasons Why I Suck As a Travel Girlfriend

10 Reasons Why I Suck As a Travel Girlfriend

–A hilarious blog post at http://www.nomadicchick.com/.   A must read! There could be good reason why I’m single. I always pick nonsensical, dangerous destinations where you could be decapitated or kidnapped for ransom. I snore.  So loud you’ll open your eyes expecting a 300 pound truck driver next to you.  It’s ten times worse when […]


Where are you going?

Every year about this time, we look at each other and say, Where are we going this year?  We are both intense negotiators, and of course there is so much out there to see.  So the bidding begins.  We are thinking Africa. Where are you headed to this year?

El Gaucho Tacoma on Urbanspoon

El Gaucho is El Greato!

Arguably one of the very best steak shops in the northwest.  Everything you would expect from handcut selections of 30 day dry aged Angus.  Sides are a lot of quality over quantity highlights include: cut corn, mac and cheese and potato in various forms. buckle up for the price.  Entry level steak is going to run […]


The Goat is Great!

Before reading this review, you must know that i visited the Goat during a U of Tex football game.  I hear their team is ok.  Anyway, this place is an absolute crazytown during afore mentioned festivities. Do you remember the days when life was simple, people did things without all the flash and fireworks?  Well […]


Luci vs. Mike Round 1 The Waldorf (Mike)

Our first morning at the Waldorf, I woke up looked at the vaulted ceiling and said to myself, “I am at the Waldorf!”  (My second thought was “Maybe now my mother in law will not think I am a such a loser.”  A man can dream?) OK, I am a Hilton junkie.  I actually get […]

Cherry Blossoms

Guest Post: Ever thought about global volunteering?

You may have heard now about short-term international volunteer opportunities, where you’ll have the chance to soak in a new culture while giving back to your host community. You also might have looked into different programs – figured out where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, how much it costs, and more. […]