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Geocaching 101: Couples Travel Caching!

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt! Geocachers use a GPS to navigate to a set of coordinates, and then attempt to find the geocache (container) that’s hidden at the location. It’s amazing because geocache locations can be found all over the world! Many “caches” are hidden in locations that are important to people, have historical significance, or are
just pretty cool places to visit!

Clever Geocaches in the woods

Geocaches are found everywhere!

Liz and I discovered Geocaching several years ago on a whim. A friend introduced us to the hobby and we have been using geocaching as a way to discover new lands and cultures around the world. We tested out geocaching while on a boring road trip one day, and it added so much excitement to the drive. From then on we were hooked on incorporating Geocaching into
everywhere we traveled. One of the things that we love about our hobby of Geocaching is that you can only do it outside, and we enjoy the outdoors! So Geocaching gives us purpose to get up and get outside.  Besides being a way to keep physically active, Geocaching as a couple has given us the opportunity to explore nature, culture, and history together, as well as having spontaneous adventures all over the world!

Central Park New York

Geocaching in Central Park

Geocaching & Travel

Geocaching and road trips go hand in hand with us. We love planning little trips around our state of Georgia. In fact, Georgia has a Geocaching Tour of its state parks and historic sites. They have placed a series of caches in all state parks and you can achieve different levels as you discover more caches in the parks. This is a fun activity that we do locally, when we don’t have time to travel long distances. This Geocaching Tour has taken us on many beautiful hiking trails all around the state, and we have also learned so much about Georgia’s history through Geocaching.

Geocaching in Dublin

Geocaching in Dublin

Geocaching is a big part of our adventures when we travel abroad. Once we have decided on a travel destination and booked our travel, we go to the geocaching website (www.geocaching.com) and search for interesting caches in the areas we are visiting (we like to go for the caches with a lot of favorite points). Since most caches are hidden by locals, this is a great way to get to know the area and the sites that locals want to highlight. So besides seeing the main tourist sights, Geocaching will also take you off the beaten path and give you a chance to find hidden gems that most tourists don’t know about. We experienced this first hand when
we discovered a cache on a hidden hiking trail in the Scottish Highlands, which had a beautiful few of a Loch & a local monument to mark a historic event. This site was no where to be found on any tourist map.

Geocaching is not for Dummies

If you go in search of a Geocache, be sure to bring your thinking cap! There are some creative people out there hiding caches all over, and some are very cleverly hidden & disguised. It’s fun to solve the clues & try to figure out where they hid the cache. We had to think carefully while in Malaysia as we were trying to find a cache located in the local park near the Patronas Towers.
The saying is true, “two heads are better than one,” as we both worked hard to make the find. The view was well worth the effort.

Geocaching is also a great way to break up the regular tourist sight seeing itinerary. While walking and discovering Dublin, Ireland we used Geocaching to break the day up. After visiting so many museums and cathedrals, taking some time to hunt out a Geocache added a little adventure while we explored this beautiful and historic city.

We love what Geocaching has brought to us as a couple who travels. We started on whim with a friend, and now it is a big part of our travels around the world. We use Geocaching to help plan our trips and to seek out adventure in foreign lands. It’s a great activity for couples, families, and also for yourself as an independent adventure-seeker! It has gotten us out and more active and has taken us to places we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

With over 2 million caches hidden all around the world, there is an adventure around every corner of the globe. We hope to see you out there Adventure Caching with us around the world.

1000Fights:  What a great idea!  Thanks to Liz and Josh for introducing us to this great couple activity.  You guys must promise us to take us on a hunt!

Liz and Josh

Guest post by our friends Liz and Josh of Peanuts or Pretzels.   For more on Geocaching around the world checkout Peanuts or Pretzels Geocaching Page.

Best Couple Bloggers: Pics, Posts, and Plans

The new year is nearly here!  Are you ready for some travel inspiration for the New Year? Couple travel bloggers are an excellent source of great travel ideas and inspiration.  We asked a few of our blogging friends for their best picture and post from  2013.  We also asked them to give us a sneak peek at some of their travel plans for 2014.


The Traveling Canucks

Cam & Nicole


Fave Post:  Why We Love the Mosel Valley in Germany 

Fave Picture:

Mosel River Valley, Germany

Mosel River Valley, Germany

Travel baby

The newest addition to the Traveling Canucks!

Our plans for 2014:

Our future travel plans have evolved now that we have a toddler and infant in tow. We plan to spend most of our time in North America, to avoid long flights and nasty time zone changes. After a few ski trips in central British Columbia, we plan to head south and visit Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Diego, New Orleans and Niagara Falls. In early summer, we hope to spend a month in Nicaragua, followed by shorter trips to Alberta and Newfoundland.


Kimmy & Drew

Fave Post: Whale Watching in Lahaina Harbor

Fave Picture:

A Seabird in Niihau

A Seabird in Niihau

Our plans for 2014:

We will be focusing on travel throughout the Pacific Northwest. Even though we are currently living in this area there is still so much we have never seen, such as Crater Lake, Olympic National Park, or the Painted Hills. We want to make sure we travel to all of these places we’ve been meaning to visit before we leave for our travels around the world. We will also be heading to Lake County in California and the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Kauai, and Oahu.

Goats on the Road

Nick & Dariece

Fave Post: Goodbye China! We Will Miss You…  

Fave Picture:

Tajikistan road

Pamir highway, Tajikistan

Our plans for 2014:

We have quite a few things already planned for 2014. Some of which are a secret for now. What I can tell you is that there will be a lot of beaches and tropical paradises in our future. We plan to travel to Mexico and parts of Central America for 3 months before arriving at our perfect house sitting job! This year, we will be attempting to travel in a financially sustainable way by living off of earnings from our website, as well as testing out house sitting and other forms of free travel! Stay tuned to see what we get up to in the next year!

Hecktic Travels

Dalene & Peter

Fave Post: Back to the Wild in Greenland

1000Fights: Great video!

Fave Picture:

Greenland water

Kayaking in Greenland


Our plans for 2014:

2014 plans – Well, we haven’t got many! We are spending the first six weeks touring around our home province and visiting our family and friends. It will be nothing short of exciting – we’ll be doing all kinds of winter activities like bobsledding, snowmobiling and skiing for the first time. But then we will surely need an injection of hot sun so we will likely head due south to Mexico for a couple of months of beaches and tacos. And that is the extent of our (very loose) plans. The rest of the year is entirely up for grabs!


My Tan Feet

Sammantha & Yeison

Fave Post: Common Misconceptions about Costa Rica 

Fave Picture:

Costa ricka sunset

Surfer at Sunset at Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Our plans for 2014:

Our goals for the next year is to travel as much in Costa Rica as possible. There are a few places we have both yet to see and is on our list as part of our goal to provide the best information and be the best resource for travelers coming to Costa Rica. Our biggest plan for the upcoming year is to move to Taiwan where Samantha’s family is and travel around Asia. We both have family in Asia so we want to explore as many countries as possible and we can’t wait to experience something new. We know 2014 will be an exciting year for us as we just started blogging in the middle of 2013 and it has opened up so many doors already!

 Hey you!  Did you know that you could ask the Fighting Couple ANYTHING?  Try the Fighting Couple Forum!

Sand in my Suitcase

 Janice & George

Fave Post: Wonder Where the Lions Are?

Fave Picture:

Monks shaving

2 monks shaving each other in Burma (Myanmar)


Our plans for 2014:

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting travel year for us! First up? Exploring some of Mexico’s colonial Mexican towns, like Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Morelia. In Morelia, we’ll take a day trip to hike to the Monarch butterfly sanctuaries in the mountains. We’ll finish our Mexico trip on the beach in Zihuatanejo. Then we’re off to Bali and Lombok – and we’re booked for a 6-night cruise on the deluxe Ali Purnama, a sailing dive boat which leaves from the island of Komodo (lots of scuba diving – and we’ll see the Komodo dragons). Come September, we plan to attend the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual convention in Iceland – and maybe tack on some time in Greece afterwards.


Latitude 34

Jeff & Marina

Fave Post:  Homesickness and Reverse Culture Shock 

Fave Picture:

Thailand Festival

Final Procession of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Our plans for 2014:

In January we will be flying to Dublin, Ireland to start a months long trek across Europe, the Middle East and India before arriving back to SE Asia sometime before summer. We are most excited about experiencing carnival in Venice, visiting friends in Berlin, Austria, Amsterdam, Paris and Turkey as well as seeing the Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland and hopefully driving to India through Pakistan and Iran!”


A Cruising Couple

Dan & Casey

Fave Post:  101 Tips to Living in Taiwan

Fave Picture:

Hong kong harbor

We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary in Hong Kong last May, and just loved the city.

Our plans for 2014:

We’re really excited about where the New Year is taking us. First off, we’re flying to Mexico on January 3rd. Our goal is to find a house to rent for a month or two in San Pancho, and then do a bit of traveling around the Cancun area. In March we fly to Sweden. We’ll be bouncing around Scandinavia for about three months, which will be really exciting for us as we have never been to Europe together! Then in June we’re off to Brazil. We have tickets to the World Cup- something that has been on our bucket list for years! We are planning a few months in Brazil and the surrounding area, probably until October. Then we have no concrete plans! But we do have a lot of ideas, and we’re excited to see which ones work out!


Contented Traveller

Gordy & Paula

Fave Post: Serendipity is Important for Travelers and for Life 

Fave Picture:

Amsterdam bridge

I fell in love with Amsterdam it has got to be this one of the bridges and canals of this wonderful city.

Our plans for 2014:

In February we fly to Japan and have 2 weeks skiing in Nozawa Onsen, our second home. We then go straight onto Kitzbuhel in Austria for a week, then to Lucerne for a few days. From there we go to Zermatt, Switzerland for a week overlooking the stunning Matterhorn, which we are so excited to see. We intend to ski into Cervinia in France for lunch, just because we can (if it is not too hard for me that is!). We then have a few days in Milan then fly to Bangkok for 3 days, which we always enjoy and then back home. All of the ski resorts needed to be booked in advance due to their popularity at that time.

In August/September we are flying to London for a week but haven’t planned anything yet. We then have organized a barge cruise in the Alsace region of France for a week, which has been booked in due to the popularity of this personalized little barge. After the cruise we have 3 weeks to do whatever, but will end up in Paris definitely for a fair bit of that time.  So really next year there is not a lot of serendipity involved in planning, but there will be a lot in the execution.

1000Fights: Aren’t these ideas and pictures wonderful?   Time to start planning those travel New Year’s Resolutions!

Our Seven Must Sees in Thailand for Couple Travelers

Thailand has been aptly called the land of enchantment.  It is a paradise for couple travelers.  Thailand tempts couples with its vibrant cities, white sandy beaches, and adventure at every turn.  With so much to do and see, how do you decide what to do?  We are here to help you avoid this fight.

Bangkok Royal Palace

Bangkok Royal Palace

The Grand palace of Bangkok

The crown jewel of Bangkok, Thailand has to be the Grand palace.  It is not to be missed.  The palace complex is a collection of former and current royal residences, Buddhist temples, and statues that give the feel of the power and majesty of the kingdom.  The reclining Buddha is a work of art that glows with a golden sheen.  We spent the lion share of a day walking around the grounds.  A helpful audio guide is available when you purchase you tickets.  There are guided tours available and candidly, we wished we have forked out the “Thailand bahts” for one of those.  We are not convinced that the audio tour gives you all of the interesting details.  We ended up with more questions than we had answers by the end of our tour.  Be aware that the dress code for the palace is strict.  Do your homework on what is and is not allowed. If not dressed appropriately, guards will make sure you have extra clothing to wear.  Getting there: take the Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Statio on the river, then jump on a river taxi heading north.


Ride an elephant

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari Adventure

What visit to Siam would be complete without a jungle trek atop an Elephant?  Yes, it is a little touristy.  But you have to do it!  The unforgettable adventure of sitting atop one of these massive animals tramping through a jungle is a must.  We were offered views that looked like something out of Jurassic Park.   The gentle sway of the elephants gait is a great excuse to clutch your lover closer.  Our safari’s midpoint was at a watering hole that allowed us the chance to cool down in a pond.  The elephants got into the mix as well.   A word of caution.  Please do your research on which elephant trek adventure to take.  Some operators mistreat their animals and run their business in a manner that causes harm to customers and animals.

Hike in Khao Sok Jungle

One often overlooked area in Thailand is located halfway between Bangkok and Phuket, the Khao Suk National Park.  The Kao Sok Jungle is the perfect couple travel adventure!  This collection of 300 square miles (738.74 square km) of dense lush rain forest is dotted with deep lakes and enchanting waterfalls.  The flora and fauna, is second only in our experience to the Amazon.  You have a number of different options for accommodations near and in the park, everything from a bungalow right on a remote lake to a tree house (read about our tree house stay here.)   The park offers self-guided day hikes to some of the most breathtaking vistas our eyes have ever seen.  Seeing the mist hanging over the lush canvas of the rain forest canopy, set to a back ground of karst mountains is difficult to describe.  Simply amazing!   If you are particularly adventurous, take a night hike and see the jungle come alive at night!  Obviously we strongly recommend a guide for this undertaking.  Getting there:  If you are staying in a Phuket or Krabi resort, there are a number of mini buses that will pick you up and deliver you to one of the forest camps.  A great resource about mini buses from other locations is available at wikitravel.

Thailand beaches

The Beaches of Krabi

Island hopping out of Krabi

Take our advice on this one.  Skip the long line of sun seekers headed to Phi Phi.  Rent a boat for you and you lover and go island hopping!  We are strong proponents of staying in Krabi over Phuket.  It is much more quaint, affordable, and candidly more beautiful.  Along the beach are a number of iconic wooden boats with their brightly colored streamers.  Barefooted captains are ready to whisk you away to your own private paradise.  We made the day of it and visited 4-5 beaches, many of which we had all to ourselves.  Would we trade this for a crowded space on Phi Phi?  NO WAY!  Getting there: take a walk down the beach in Ao Nang, Thailand and negotiate the best deal.

Thai Seafood

YUM!  Dinner at Lae Lay Grill

Dinner at the Lai Grill

We have saved the best for last.  Perched in the hills above Krabi, overlooking the ocean is one of the best restaurants we have found in our wandering, the Lae Lay Grill (www.laelaygrill.com).  Thai Cuisine is renowned worldwide for its distinctive spices and flavors.  Lae Lay pairs that tradition with the bounty of fresh seafood available in Southern Thailand.  The final part of the equation is a crew of some of the most capable and comedic cooks.  The open kitchen is part of the entertainment.  Get the seafood sampler to share, a pineapple full of fried rice and a cool libation to wash it all down.  We capped our visit to Krabi with this dinner and with the view of the sunset, we will never, ever forget that meal.  Getting there: Give them a call and they will pick you up from a local hotel or take a tuk tuk to 89 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Krabi Town, Thailand 81000.

Golden Bhutta

Reclining Budda

North to Chiang Mai

We rarely write about a place that we have not been because we want to be able to field questions and give reader’s our candid opinion. Unfortunately,  we haven’t been to Chiang Mai so we rely on ourr blog-BFFs that have been there many times.   Lets start with an overview of the area with Tieland to Thailand (First Impressions of Chiang Mai).   To capture the vibe of Chiang Mai, the Globetrotter girls really capture the highlights: (Things we love about Chiang Mai)  In an effort to present both sides:  Adventurous Kate offers the pros and cons (Chiang Mai is Not for Everyone).  Getting there: From Bangkok it’s a 70 minute flight, or 11 hours by bus or 12 hours by overnight train.

This should get you started!  Check out Thomson flights and book your Thailand flight today!



Couples Extended Vacations, No Passports Needed

Oftentimes traveling couples think that extended-stay getaways mean going abroad to Europe, Mexico or the Caribbean, where all-inclusive vacation packages are king. But have you ever thought that some of the best long-stay vacation ideas are located right in here in the United States, no passport required? Whether you are looking to reconnect, grow closer or just enjoy some time away from reality for more than a long weekend, these destinations provide an endless array of romantic activities that you will never forget.  Here are a few of our ideas for best trips for couples:

New York City Like a Local

The city that never sleeps is an excellent destination for traveling couples looking to embark upon a big-city adventure. But just because the city is fast-paced doesn’t mean your vacation has to be. New York City is home to five boroughs, each with unique attributes that require more than a few days to explore. Reminisce on your early days of dating by holding hands in Central Park like a local couple. Speaking of Central Park, rather than breezing through to take a few pictures before making dinner reservations at a sub-par, over-priced Midtown restaurant, stop at a local grocery store and grab a few items and a bottle of wine for a romantic picnic. The park spans more than 50 city blocks, so whether you choose a more open area like the Great Lawn or a spot off the beaten path, this iconic location provides relaxation away from all the hustle and bustle.

New york nightime

New York-The City That Never Sleeps!

Meanwhile, Brooklyn is brimming with unique romantic restaurants and attractions. Visit the Brooklyn Brewery on a Friday or Saturday evening and explore the rest of the Williamsburg neighborhood for the night. One of the highlights for couples is the Barcade, featuring more than 40 classic arcade games where you can both showcase your competitive spirit and relive your childhood.

Travel Tip: These are just two examples of how you can spend your time really taking in NYC like a local. Plan ahead, but don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. To save money, utilize apps such as Yelp, Urbanspoon and Foursquare to discover nightly and daily specials in the most coveted neighborhoods.

Did you know that you can ask the Fighting Couple anything?  Need couple travel ideas or relationship advice?  Just ask the Fighting Couple.

A Week on the West Coast

For people in the Midwest or the East Coast, it’s often difficult to see every major city out west. Rather than trying to make separate trips to each destination, consider flying out to either Seattle up north or Sand Diego down south and hop on a bus trip or grab a rental car and spend a few days in each city along the way.

Taketours.com offers a 14-day Pacific Coast Explorer Tour that begins in San Diego and ends in Seattle. The tour also travels to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wine Country, Brandon-by-the-Sea and Portland. The price for the tours varies but is usually around $2200 a person, not including airfare.


The Beautiful California Coastline Near Big Sur

If traveling with a group isn’t your style, or if you would rather take in the Pacific Coast on your own terms, check the price for rental cars and see if you can get any discounts with your airfare.

Travel Tip: Utilize an app like Kayak to monitor rates for flights, hotels and rental cars. You can set up price alerts for your intended dates to ensure you get the best rates possible within your budget. Also, consider alternate lodging options near some areas. The West Coast is home to some of the best camping areas in the country, which can often be more cost-effective, romantic and serene than hotels.

A Tennessee Retreat

Tennessee is arguably one of the most beautiful couple travel destinations in the South, especially in the spring and fall. Both Memphis and Nashville offer unique festivals that you won’t find anywhere else in the country, and the musical history within each city is unique from any other place in the U.S. Start with one of these cities and end with another while taking in the Tennessee countryside and smaller cities, like Kingsport, Chattanooga and Gatlinburg, in between. Much like on the West Coast, there are tons of campsites where you can relax and sleep under the stars rather than in the confines of four walls.

Elvis's Poolroom at Graceland

Elvis’s Poolroom at Graceland

If you live in the South or Midwest, consider driving to save on airfare. If you would rather fly, compare prices between the Memphis and Nashville airports. Flights can be drastically different depending on where you will be departing from. If you do fly, rent a car and take your time navigating through the rolling scenery. Also, since you’ve already decided you’re going to enjoy a laid-back retreat, consider taking the back roads instead of highways to fully take in the state’s natural beauty.

Travel Tip: Get rid of Google maps and stick with the paper kind. Tennessee is a place where you can keep your eyes open and enjoy a more simple way of life.

Couple Travel Advice

No matter where you decide to take some time away, it’s important to keep a few things in mind so you can enjoy each other’s company rather than getting sick of each other.

  • Discuss what you both want to see and do ahead of time, but don’t feel bound to an itinerary. The biggest benefit of taking an extended vacation is that you can go off the beaten path and do things at your leisure without feeling rushed.
  • Set a budget beforehand for attractions, dining, drinking and even shopping so you can keep the financial fights at home. Bon Voyage is a great app that allows you to create a trip, plan your budget based on the destination, and track every expense you make so you can monitor your spending in real time.
  • Use Kayak to set up price alerts for flights, lodging and rental cars to get the lowest rates possible.
  • Relax and enjoy the journey. No matter what your reason for wanting to get away, remember that these experiences are always better when shared.

This blog post was provided by Marriott International, which operates more than 3,700 hotels and resorts representing 18 brands in 70 countries.  Pick one for the perfect couple travel experience!

Stay in a Thai Treehouse?

One of the joys of couple travel is trying something that you would never think of doing.  When was the last time you stayed the night in a tree house?  When was the last time you took an elephant safari into the jungle?  It is time for you to cross these two things off your list.  We will tell you how.

Thailand Jungle

Entrance to Khao Sok National Park

Most travelers to Thailand focus in on the double B’s:  Bangkok and Beaches.  But there is In the middle of Thailand’s long pan handle point south into the Gulf of Thailand are a collection of national parks that are some of the most pristine and diverse jungles in the world.  There are nearly 3,000 square kilometers of national parks waiting for you to explore!  Bring your bug spray! Our favorite jewel in the national park crown is Khao Sok National Park.

Khao Sok is home to a collection of lakes, rivers, dense jungles and limestone formations that will amaze.  Of course, how can we talk about the Khao Sok without talking about the animals?!  The rainforest is home to 48 types of mammals, over 300 varieties of birds and…..38 kinds of bats!  The park offers guided and unguided tours for animal and bird watchers.  There is a host of stunning cascading water falls.

Stay in a Treehouse

Thailand jungleOne of the highlights for our trip was staying the night at “Our Jungle House” an eco-friendly accommodation right on the edge of the park.  The resort hosts many “tree houses.” Some overlook the river and others are more on the interior. Each tree house has a bedroom including bug net for your bed and a private, but outside bathroom. There is running water, however it’s not heated. Showers feel cold in the morning, but refreshing in the afternoon.  We stayed in the “Romance Tree house.” Insert snickers here. We thought that was ironic given our relationship. There are houses are on the ground level, but ours was literally up in a tree. It overlooked the river and the sky scrapper tall limestone cliffs dripping with vegetation. While there wasn’t much romance going on in our tree house, we did hear a lot jungle noises and the sound of the water was cleansing.

The Jungle Tree House offers a host of tours and meals. We booked our elephant ride, float trip down the river, and jungle night trek through the resort. Our favorite activity was riding an elephant through the jungle.

Ride an Elephant

A truck picked us up from the resort and drove us to the elephants. Riding elephants sounds like a good idea, until you see how massive they are. Our elephant was easily 10 feet tall. We climbed up a raised platform where 12 year olds helped us swing on a rope onto the elephant. It was a bit unnerving, because you realize just how much trust you are putting in the elephant The kids put a bar across the seat, like a ski lift, and we were off. Our mahout controlled the elephant. He sat on the elephant’s head rocking back and forth carrying a wooden stick with a sharp steel claw on the end. He would yell “hoit, hoit” and a lot of other words we didn’t understand. At one point the elephant merged into the vegetation in protest and lowered his head so the mahout would slide down and walk beside him.

Elephant Safari

We were told that a mahout trains with a specific elephant for many years. There is one elephant to one mahout. It obeys the mahout through time and trust.

Elephant in Jungle Thailand

Our Elephant Safari

As we lumbered through the jungle, we started up a mountain pass. The ground was soaked and the clay like mud lapped up the elephant’s legs to its knees. We (I) worried about getting stuck because of the muck, but the powerful elephant trudged along. As we made our way up the mountain, it opened to a clearing that literally looked like something out of Jurassic Park.

After we completed our ride with no complications (phew), we were able to watch the mahout wash the elephant down and even reward our elephant with a basket of bananas fed to him by us. The mahout let us get a few pictures with the elephant as long as he was close by. It was an experience we’ll never forget!  It was certainly one of the best trips for couples

Thailand is the perfect holiday destination for those who are traveling with a partner. You have the option to visit warm sandy beaches in the South of the country, stay in a hotel in Bangkok to enjoy the urban vibe, have an adventure through the jungle or even take an elephant ride.  Thailand has it all!  Get out and take a holiday for two in Thailand!   It is the perfect places for couple travel!


How to survive Holiday Travel as a Couple

Tis the season to travel as a couple!

We want to offer couple travelers a few dos and don’ts for couple travel over the holidays.  The Holidays can be an extremely stressful time for the traveling couple.  AAA projects 43.6 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the holidays.

couple kissThe Do’s

Have Some Patience

One of the greatest secrets to traveling as a couple is to practice a little patience.  Things are going to go wrong.  Flights are going to be delayed.  The mother in law is going to make “interesting” comments.  Take a deep breath.  As yourself, is this really a big deal?  If not.  Move on.

Plan Together

As they say…a couple that plans together stays together.  Start now building your calendar for the holidays.  Post your plans in a prominent place, and do it in pencil.  If everyone is on the same page with what is on the agenda, many a fight can be avoided.  Make sure that all work functions, family commitments, and large blocks of shopping time are entered. Keep in mind that plans can always change.  Be flexible

Make some couple time-

Often we get focused on our “to do lists,” we lose sight of enjoying the holidays with our sweetheart.  Plan a night together during the holidays.  Get a babysitter.  No shopping.  Go see a show or better yet buy a pair of Michael Buble concert tickets.  Holidays are meant to be spent together in celebration.  Sometimes they are not exactly couple vacations…but they are a great chance to spend time together.

Dont miss our post on traveling as a couple on road trips!


loveThe Don’ts

Don’t Get lost-

This might be one of the most obvious suggestions…don’t get lost.  If you are traveling by auto, make sure that you bring your trusty GPS or smart phone app.   Traveling long distances in traffic in less than ideal weather conditions is a battle in the best of times.  If you add in the stress of the holidays, you have a situation ripe for fights.  Be prepared!

Don’t Forget the Little Things-

We love Christmas.  We love it not for the gifts and the giving.  We love it for the time with our friends and family.  Don’t let those moments with your loved ones get by you.  One other helpful hint is to go through your Facebook friend list and call 5 people during the holidays that you have not talked to this year.  Send those that had the greatest positive impact on you this year a quick thank you note.  Minding a few of the little things will make the season more meaningful.

Don’t Go over the limit-

Just as it is important to mind the speed limit.  It is also critical to know the other limits that once they are exceed, bad things happen.  For us, it is the amount of time we spend with the “In-laws.”  A little bit goes a long way (we hope they don’t read this blog!  We Love you!)  You know your spouse best, be considerate and aware of their limits.  Be candid and kind in your encouragement.  Other things to watch your limit on:  alcohol, food and those mince pies.   Watch your limits.

We wish you the very best this season.  Make happy holidays happen, don’t let them happen to you.  What tips do you have?  What has worked for you?  Have a great holiday traveling as a couple!

Our Morbid Venice Side-trip

The Fighting Couple are always on the look out for smart off the beaten pass couple travel ideas.  On our recent visit to Venice, we explored  a great find, the San Michele cemetery.    We put together the following photographic tour of our visit.  If you are a history/music/Italy buff, this place is not to be missed.

Ok, Ok…we know, visiting a cemetery is not for everyone.   Unlike some macabre type burial grounds, San Michele has a garden type feel.  The architectural and intricate sculptured tombs is extremely impressive.

Photo by Mario Vercellotti (vermario)

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Getting there

The Isle of San Michele is located just outside the main islands of Venice.   Scooting across the bay is simple and can be done via a number of different options: Vapparetto, Water taxi (expensive), gondola (very expensive).   The island is in between the main Venetian Islands and Murano Island.  You can see most of what there is to see in two hours, so it is a great place to see in route to spending your euros in Murano.  What a great reminder that you cant take the money with you.

Interesting permanent residents include: Igor Stravinsky, Ezra Pound, Joseph Brodsky, Jean Schlumberger, Frederick Rolfe, Horatio Brown, and Zoran Music.







Rolfe's grave in Venice, (San Michele).

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I know what you did this summer!

We asked a few of our couple travel blogging friends: “so what did you do this summer?” We were stunned by what we got back! Everything from warm beaches of the Blue Lagoon Resort in Fiji to a scenic 12 mile “stroll” that ended in a couple fight! Yay! Granted, fall is quickly approaching for us on the top of the ball, its not too early to start your plans for next year. If you cant wait that long, at the bottom of the rock summer is just getting started!


Peter and Dalene


When boarding our flight to Brussels, Belgium, we waited in line behind a guy wearing a dog-collar with spikes, metal plates on his shoes and horns coming out of his nose. We started chatting to him about his city, and he immediately warned to be careful when going out at night – that Brussels was becoming increasingly dangerous.

A scary first impression, we thought. And after our first few days, we realized he spoke the truth – sort of. Brussels is definitely dangerous, but only for your waistline.

Apart from the beautiful architecture, Brussels is known for its gastronomy. We feasted on beer, their national dish of frites with mayonnaise, mussels, a wide variety of international cuisine, and of course, their heavenly chocolate. Never mind that when strolling through it’s streets, the aroma of fresh waffles is constantly in the air. It’s a foodie and beer connoisseur’s paradise!

 1000Fights: Ok, we are hungry now!  Those waffles look to die for!


Emanuele and Romana


When the summer kicked in in the northern hemisphere we were in Fiji. Technically it was winter time there, but as you can imagine you couldn’t tell, tropical weather is tropical weather, after all. The fijian trip was the final part of our 8 months round-the-world trip, so we were going there to take it easy, enjoy the tropical paradise experience, prepare psychologically for our homecoming and also celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

The quest for our dream island was over when we landed in Nacula, at the Blue Lagoon resort. Because of the amazing white sand, the beautiful crystal-clear waters and the friendly resort staff, we decided to stay at Blue Lagoon more than initially planned. The management also gave us a deluxe seafront villa (with no extra cost!) as a present for our second wedding anniversary. We were also given the opportunity to visit the local village and the school, getting an insight into the locals’ life. I can assure you, the day we left Nacula, and the Blue Lagoon resort, was a sad day!

 1000Fights:  Congrats on your second anniversary.  We wish you many happy years and fights as well!  The closest we have gotten to Fiji is drinking their water from the gas station.  Someday!



Erica and Shaun


Our favorite place that we visited this summer was Tulum, Mexico. We were blown away by some of the most spectacular beaches we have ever seen. This was also offset by the Tulum ruins which are placed on the sides of cliffs looking over the sea. The city is so incredibly laid back that we felt right at home. We even ended up hanging out there two separate times on our trip!

This location also rocks because we were also able to make day trips to to the neighboring Akumal, Mexico for our fix of the best fried fish tacos with fresh mango salsa we had ever had the pleasure of inserting into our mouths at Lucy’s Kitchen. About 50 feet away you can snorkel with sea turtles munching on sea grass right off of the beach. Bring your own gear and you can swim out to them yourself. Huzzah for free activities!

1000Fights:  Sounds amazing.  Lucy’s kitchen?  I think that is the only way we can get Luci of 1000Fights into a kitchen!


Betsy and Warren


This summer we spent 5 weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland. We fell in love with the place, the people, and the real ale. Scots really do have more fun than everyone else, and we were lucky to make some good friends and have some fun adventures during our time there. We climbed munros, learned how to retell ancient stories to entertain a crowd in the dark upper room of an old pub, ate local specialties like shortbread and haggis and tasted the abundant varieties of whisky. We also had an epic fight during a 12-mile walk along a scenic canal – at the start, of course – and made some pretty good breakthroughs in our relationship during the remaining 11.5 miles. We’ll definitely return to Scotland to explore the Highlands and enjoy some real ale and whisky with good friends, but we will probably skip the haggis (and hopefully another epic fight).

1000Fights: DARN!!  Dont give up the fights!


Doesn’t all of these sound like fun!  Thanks you guys for sharing some great ideas for summer fun.   Couples take note, pick one of these or a place of your choice, put aside a little cash over the next few months.  Dont let another summer get by without going to place of your dreams.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.

“You can steer yourself any
direction you choose.”

You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll
decide where to go.

Dr. Suess