How to survive Holiday Travel as a Couple

Tis the season to travel as a couple!

We want to offer couple travelers a few dos and don’ts for couple travel over the holidays.  The Holidays can be an extremely stressful time for the traveling couple.  AAA projects 43.6 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the holidays.

couple kissThe Do’s

Have Some Patience

One of the greatest secrets to traveling as a couple is to practice a little patience.  Things are going to go wrong.  Flights are going to be delayed.  The mother in law is going to make “interesting” comments.  Take a deep breath.  As yourself, is this really a big deal?  If not.  Move on.

Plan Together

As they say…a couple that plans together stays together.  Start now building your calendar for the holidays.  Post your plans in a prominent place, and do it in pencil.  If everyone is on the same page with what is on the agenda, many a fight can be avoided.  Make sure that all work functions, family commitments, and large blocks of shopping time are entered. Keep in mind that plans can always change.  Be flexible

Make some couple time-

Often we get focused on our “to do lists,” we lose sight of enjoying the holidays with our sweetheart.  Plan a night together during the holidays.  Get a babysitter.  No shopping.  Go see a show or better yet buy a pair of Michael Buble concert tickets.  Holidays are meant to be spent together in celebration.  Sometimes they are not exactly couple vacations…but they are a great chance to spend time together.

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loveThe Don’ts

Don’t Get lost-

This might be one of the most obvious suggestions…don’t get lost.  If you are traveling by auto, make sure that you bring your trusty GPS or smart phone app.   Traveling long distances in traffic in less than ideal weather conditions is a battle in the best of times.  If you add in the stress of the holidays, you have a situation ripe for fights.  Be prepared!

Don’t Forget the Little Things-

We love Christmas.  We love it not for the gifts and the giving.  We love it for the time with our friends and family.  Don’t let those moments with your loved ones get by you.  One other helpful hint is to go through your Facebook friend list and call 5 people during the holidays that you have not talked to this year.  Send those that had the greatest positive impact on you this year a quick thank you note.  Minding a few of the little things will make the season more meaningful.

Don’t Go over the limit-

Just as it is important to mind the speed limit.  It is also critical to know the other limits that once they are exceed, bad things happen.  For us, it is the amount of time we spend with the “In-laws.”  A little bit goes a long way (we hope they don’t read this blog!  We Love you!)  You know your spouse best, be considerate and aware of their limits.  Be candid and kind in your encouragement.  Other things to watch your limit on:  alcohol, food and those mince pies.   Watch your limits.

We wish you the very best this season.  Make happy holidays happen, don’t let them happen to you.  What tips do you have?  What has worked for you?  Have a great holiday traveling as a couple!

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2 Responses to How to survive Holiday Travel as a Couple

  1. Emily March 10, 2015 at 6:16 am #

    Good tips, travelling with a partner can be hard. Especially if it’s your first time or you are prone to travel sickness. Which isn’t good at the best of times. But relaxing and taking each day as it comes and knowing that you might have a few fights along the way can help with a happier holiday.

  2. The Fighting Couple March 10, 2015 at 7:33 am #

    Thanks Emily for the kind words.