• Beautiful Alaska Mountians

    Half way to Homer

    Are you looking for the perfect day trip outside of Anchorage, Alaska? Are you looking for adventure, pampering and some mind blowing seafood? We have just the plan for you. Our “Half-way to Homer” route will take you along some ...


How to See Machu Picchu

On top of almost everyone’s bucket list lies a very special location: Machu Picchu. This mountain fortress located just outside Aquas Caliente is just one of them most special places we have visited in our travels. The commanding views from Machu Picchu rival any vista we have taken in. Why go? We get asked a […]


Fighting Couple’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for the avid traveler is not an easy task. Ask any wanderer what they want and they will usually say they don’t want anything. Travelers are not about collecting things; they value experience over physical goods.  So what is to be done?  The Fighting Couple to the rescue!  We put together […]


I Don’t Want to Travel Internationally

We recently had a discussion with another couple that frankly told us, “We don’t want to travel internationally. “ We began our usual interrogation of their reasoning. They had some real concerns. As we went through them, we had a great discussion, and our conversation provided inspiration for this post. Do you have friends that […]


Castles, Cars, and Compromise

We always get into the same fight about vacations – agreeing to do doing things we both enjoy. Usually, we have very different ideas about what to see and how long to see it. Rarely, do you find the perfect location for couples where ladies get their fix and men can do their own thing. […]


How to See the British Museum in an Hour

The British Museum is massive. Its immense size can be a little intimidating. When it comes to museums, bigger is better. With the help of the British Museum‘s curators, we have come up with a way to see the best of the museum in an hour. Well, it’s more like two…but who is counting? As you walk […]


2014 Fighting Couple Gift Guide

Travelers are really hard to buy for.  We know.  We hear it all the time.  So often they value experiences over things.  The Fighting Couple are here to help.  The following are some of our fave travel related items.  Happy holidays!!!  Just hurry, some of our fave things often sellout. First off, lets talk TSA.  Their […]

The grand dome in the distance.  Florence lives up to its reputation.

Romance Ruined in Florence

A little known secret of marriage, when the pastor says the words, “till death do you part,” he doesn’t tell you this could include your life being threatened if you don’t watch your bride’s favorite movies as a newlywed. My bride is a heartless romantic. She is obsessed with the classic tales of girl meets […]

A beautiful white building is situated over the underwater wreckage of the ship.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

In the early hours of December 7th, 1941, the Empire of Japan launched a massive attack on the naval base just outside of Honolulu, Hawaii.  This attack would result in a declaration of war, the entry of the United States of America into WWII.   Both Luci and I have ancestors that fought in the […]

roman Colosseum

Trip To Rome With My Dictator Wife

In 2011 my wife (The Barcelonan Beauty) and I decided to take a trip to Europe. We set out for an enjoyable break from the daily grind back in the U.S. After all, it’s a vacation – a time to relax, right? At least that’s what I thought. It all started in Barcelona, where we […]