2014 Fighting Couple Gift Guide

Travelers are really hard to buy for.  We know.  We hear it all the time.  So often they value experiences over things.  The Fighting Couple are here to help.  The following are some of our fave travel related items.  Happy holidays!!!  Just hurry, some of our fave things often sellout.

Style and function. Take that TSA!!!

Style and function. Take that TSA!!!

First off, lets talk TSA.  Their sole purpose for existence is to slow down travelers like you and I.  Luckily, we have discovered a great tool from our friends at LCI Brands.   We roll up to the conveyor belt of inconvenience, and no, we don’t opt for their tiny ziplock bags, then dig all through our carry on to find all of our liquids.  No sir!  We just pull out this beautiful toiletry pouch.  All of our liquidy stuff is neatly contained in our “approved” and stylish carry all.  Don’t worry gents that make ones for you as well.  We started with LCI Brands because they carry over 500+ handy travel tools.   Every thing from great bags  (We love our Weekend Duffel- It is one TOUGH bag!  We even took it camping!), they have adapters of every shape and size, and much more to make your travels so much more easier.


Jenni Bick makes some of the best memory keepers.

Jenni Bick makes some of the best memory keepers.

We live by the mantra of “make memories”. As we travel we always take a few notes of impressions we have on what we have seen, tasted, stepped in, or fought about during the day.   One of our favorite pastimes is going back and re-savoring all of our travel experiences.   Jenni Bick Book Binding is the journal of choice for us. For two primary reasons: Beauty and Durability.  Jenni Bick’s online store has a host of different shapes, sizes and colors.  Pick one that matches your memory making mantra.


The Fighting Pillow. You can buy one that doesn't say fighting.

The Fighting Pillow. You can buy one that doesn’t say fighting.

Love Pillow

Ok, that description might be a little over the top, but one of the hottest gifts for 2013 is RedEnvelope’sPersonalized Couples Key Dates Throw Pillow.  Are you looking for a very thoughtful gift for your loved one?  Look no further.  These pillows are completely customizable with four key dates and descriptions.  They are available in five colors and start at $50!  If you have never ordered anything from our friends at RedEnvelope, you must know that they wrap gifts in a stunning red box with a bow.  Very classy.  A thoughtful personalized gift for $50?  You betcha.  Get on it.


One of our prized possesions, our travel map.

One of our prized possesions, our travel map.

The Map

Every globetrotter is always thinking about a past adventure and the next one that they are going to take.  We have the perfect gift:  The world pin map.  This gorgeous framed world or country map is handmade by our friends Brenda and Mike at Push Pin Travel Maps.  These fine-art quality maps are guaranteed conversation starters.   Each map comes with a set of multicolored pins to celebrate past, present and future travels!  We LOVE ours!  It is proudly displayed in our home.  The beauty of these maps, they are a great gift for the lifelong traveler or the newly married couple just starting their adventures.   You would expect to pay $500 for framed art of this quality.  But at Push Pin Travel Maps, these maps start at only $99!  Each map can be custom engraved making it a truly personalized gift, ours says “Travels of the Fighting Couple.”  We get so many compliments on our map, it hangs proudly in our living room.


Disclosure: On occasion we are offered items to review on this site.  Does this affect our honest review and opinion?  Not one bit!




4 Responses to 2014 Fighting Couple Gift Guide

  1. Raymond December 11, 2014 at 11:18 am #

    That push pin travel map is beautiful!

  2. Meetch Martinez December 12, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    This is great. I love the journaling. And I have to get one of those maps.

  3. Alex December 18, 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    Cool gift ideas! And indeed travellers are hard to buy for….Love that map, it’s beautiful!

  4. The Fighting Couple December 18, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Alex- We really love our map. Very highly recommended. It is a great conversation starter, and always make us dream of our next adventure. Thanks for stopping by.