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Ready to read a really great travel adventure and love story?  Welcome to Vagabond Quest!  Dina and Ryan have been traveling around the world since April 2009 and are still going. They’ve hit 29 countries together. It’s their dream to be permanent travelers.  Their well put together travel blog is simply one of the very best.  One of the many fun features on thier site is the “Top Things” section.  They welcomed reviews from fellow adventurers on everything from fav travel gear to the best exotic food.    We posed our 7 Questions to Dina and Ryan.  Visit their Site!

1) How many countries visited between the two of you?

Together, we’ve been in 29 countries. Separately, we’ve each only got one country that we didn’t visit together.

2) If you had to travel with someone else besides your travel partner, who would

it be? (this person can be living, historical or mythical?.)

He Said: Marco Polo

She Said: Can it be a wallaby?

3)What has been your favorite destination in your wanderings?

He said: Milford Sound, New Zealand

She said: New Zealand, the beauty of nature there is magical. The Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand brought me to tears.

4) If you had to eat one last meal, what/ where would you eat?

He said: Dina’s Indonesian fried fish, wherever we happened to be.

She said: Difficult to pick, but I think it will be “nasi timbel” from Indonesia. It has delicious fried beef that had been marinated in deliciousness, served with  aromatic rice, a traditional kind of chili sauce, Indonesian sweet and sour soup, and bunch of other little stuff.  Very difficult to describe, but since I moved out from Indonesia 8 years ago, this is my biggest craving. Ryan even likes to mention “nasi timbel” just to tease me – he knows it drives me nuts to be reminded of it since I miss it so much.

(Dina is touched by Ryan’s response.)

5)How do you pick the places you visit? Spontaneous vs. planned?

He said: We wait for opportunities and take them, usually meaning we grab last-minute deals. Very little advance planning.

She said: Spontaneous more often, because of the last minute deals Ryan mentioned above. But once we pin point to a particular location, I like to read up about the highlights of the location, which we follow really loosely. We like to ramble and explore what we happen to find along the way.

6) If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

He said: Scarcity

She said:  For everybody to have a fair chance to live comfortably, at least in the beginning of their life.  It’s sad to think that many people just by chance were born in places that way under the poverty line or places that are very dangerous to live in. It could have been me. But if then in the future they mess it up themselves, it’s their own fault.

7)You knew it was coming….What has been your greatest travel fight/disagreement?

She said: To eat or not to eat! Ryan could eat only once a day or even less, no kidding. At one point of his life, he got all his nutrition from Coca Cola! For me, food is one of the main sources of enjoyment in my life. I’m so attached to deliciousness, and I can’t think clearly when I’m hungry. It angers me when Ryan decides that it will be a no-meal day.

Ryan replies: I sort of suspect she’s trying to fatten me up for some nefarious purpose. Seriously, though, I just don’t need to eat that often.

He said: Laundry. When/how to do it, how to dry the clothes, whether things are sufficiently clean, etc etc. I don’t have a lot of  enthusiasm for the topic and it drives Dina crazy that I don’t care. It’s an ongoing bone of contention.

Dina replies: Hey, I do all the laundry, hand-washed in the sinks! You don’t even have to do anything, and there’s nothing wrong  with inviting you to sniff at the clothes to ensure they smell fresh!

1000fights: Now that’s a fight!!!!   Well done you two!  You make us so proud!  Happy Travels.

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5 Responses to 7 Questions with Vagabond Quest

  1. Jill - Jack and Jill Travel The World January 15, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    Go Dina and Ryan! And let’s hear it for Nasi Timbel (even though I prefer the nasi liwet myself)!!

  2. Dina January 16, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    @Mike and Luci: Thanks for hosting us here!! Such fun questions you have.

    @Jill: Noway, maybe you should reconsider nasi timbel :D It’s heaven on earth! Unfortunately it seems like I have to go to Bandung to get a really good one. And the last time I was there was 8-9 years ago :(

  3. Fabiola January 17, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    Gossshhh Dina, you make me mouth watering about the Nasi Timbel :)


  4. Dina January 18, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    @Fabiola: Ooohhh… are you nasi timbel’s fan too? It’s heavenly, isn’t it! Where are you from? I’m kinda assuming you are Indonesian, since not many non-Indonesian know it.

  5. Dalene January 31, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    Oh yeah, we’re all about fightin’ over the eating issue too. Seriously, a girl needs her nourishment! Pete could go for days without…but he is realizing that no food = super cranky me… so he’s learning. =)