Our Secret Getaway in Heber: The Better Park City

Being based in the Western US, we are always looking for great weekend trips. One of our favorite places is Park City, Utah, until we discovered the Heber Valley, Utah. Located a few miles up the hill from Salt Lake City, this charming valley is perfect for four-season activity. It has a little of everything for the entire family.

Heber Valley

The Heber Valley is aptly known as Utah’s Switzerland as it sits on the base of the stunning Wasatch Mountains. The area offers green lush meadows, cool streams, and an idyllic setting for those that love the outdoors. The winter brings some of the best snow on earth. What we love about the Heber Valley is that it still remains quaint and feels undiscovered. There a great options for lodging and dining in the area.

heber golf

Great Golf

If golf is your thing, Heber Valley is your place. With five different courses offering every skill level a challenge: Wasatch Mountain Lake & Mountain Courses, Crater Springs, and Soldier Hollow Gold and Silver Courses.

heber dive

Hot Springs

One of the most unique features of the area is the Homestead Crater. It is a geothermal hot spring that is formed in a beehive-shaped crater. The pure alpine water seeps up into the limestone formation and the geothermal forces warm the water to a delightful 96 degrees. The crater is the only warm water scuba destination in the United States. Take a swim or soak. You can also take a tour of the crater and learn a little more about the geology of this interesting formation.

Winter sports

Regardless if you are into snowshoeing, downhill or Nordic skiing, this place has it all. World-class skiing mountains are a short drive from Heber. There are snowmobile trails that offer views and rides that rival any alpine destination. The best part? You avoid the hustle and bustle of the resort with your chalet in Heber.


For the hard-core mountain biker, the Heber Valley is a true mecca. There are great trails to explore and enjoy. Didn’t bring your bike? You can easily rent the right equipment, and even catch a ride to the trailhead.

Getting there

It is said that there is only one stoplight between Heber Valley and the SLC airport. It is just that easy. It takes just under an hour from door to door. Salt Lake City airport is a major hub for Delta Airlines. Getting there from the major cities in the west is usually around a two-hour flight. This makes the Heber Valley an ideal setting for a weekender. For couples living east of the Mississippi, Heber Valley is a great destination for your couple vacation.

Needless to say, we highly recommend you spend you next couple’s getaway in the Heber Valley.

Our friends at @hebervalley helped us put together this post. Does this affect our love of this beautiful area? Not one bit.


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