Six reasons to skip Santorini for Samos

Spend any time on Pinterest and you are likely to stumble across a pictures of the blue domes and white sandy beaches of Santorini, Greece.  Wow, you are thinking.  That is where I must go.   We know it sounds a little preciouses to favor one Greek Island over another, but hey, you may only get to Greece once in a lifetime.  We want you to pick the right place for your couple’s getaway.  We want to introduce you to a Greek paradise you likely have never heard of: Samos.

Greek Island1) Small Island Slow

We elected to arrive in Samos as one should, on the water.  Our ferry motored into the small protected port of Vathy.  From the second that we set foot on the island, we felt the pace of life slow.  Take it from two driven type A nuts, this place is laid back.  Truly, that is what makes the island special.  Forget staying in a hotel, stay in a villa !

2) Visiting the Island will make you smarter!

One of the little known facts about the island paradise of Samos, is that it is the home to some of the greatest thinkers in history!  The great math genius Pythagoras, called Samos home.  While sunning himself on one of the sandy beaches, Pythagoras developed the Pythagorean Theorem.  The Theorem is important in ways, we just can’t remember from grade school.  The isle was also home to Epicurus, the astronomer that came up with the idea that the earth should revolve around the sun, and it has done so since then.    Just like Luci, Samos just goes to prove that you can be both smart and beautiful.

3) Samos Side trips

If it were ever possible, once you explored every inch of Samos Island, the options for exploration further afield are plentiful.  Take a regular scheduled ferry west for an hour and you can explore ancient world of the Ottoman empire.  Today Turkey offers more Roman ruins than Italy!   There are a number of islands within a short distance of Samos include Rhodes and Lesbos.

Samos Greece4) The Food-

The Greeks do a lot of things well:  Olympics, togas, and transport strikes.  Perhaps the best product to come out of Greece is the food.  Samos offers the foodie a virtual plethora of yummy victuals!  Due to is location just off Asia Minor is takes the very best of Ottoman and traditional Mediterranean cuisine.  How could you visit Greece without taking in the amazing fish and olives.

5)The Sun!

If you are a sunshine seeker, look no further than Samos.  The sun shines in on Samos 76% of the year!  Bask in the warm rays on one of the Island’s white sand or pebble beaches.  The Mediterranean sun is special.  It wraps around you and takes you in.   Samos has over a dozen pristine beaches, some remote and secluded, others right in the center of all the action.

6)The Heart of Samos-The people

We saved the very best of the Island for last, the people.   The Greeks have a word: Xenia, roughly translated it encapsulates friendship, welcome, and hospitality all into one.  From the second that we set foot on Samos we felt welcome.  People stopped and helped when we were a little lost.  We arrived at an eatery earlier than the posted opening, the proprietor engaged us in conversation and ordered the cook into early service.  Samos is one of the friendliest places out travels have taken us to.

Have questions about Samos or Santorini?  You can “Ask us Anything“.

Why not make up your own mind.  Visit both!  Have you been to Samos or Santorini?  What is your take on the two?  We would love to hear your feedback.  Just leave us a comment below.  See you on Samos Island!

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3 Responses to Six reasons to skip Santorini for Samos

  1. Eytan Levy April 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm #

    I find it hilarious that people idolize one island or another and ignore the rest, or even the fact that they idolize the islands at all. When people asked me if I visited the islands, I said yeah, but I also visited the mainland coastal cities, and when you’re on the beach, it’s pretty much the same. Oh well. Islands are somehow magical. Plus, those white buildings ARE pretty great.

  2. Andrea Mueller April 12, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    I liked Santorini but it wasn’t my favourite… I LOVEd the smaller islands… Naxos, Paros. Shhh…. I really liked Mykonos too! Samos night be on the let for next time! Plus, being so close to Turkey makes it all the better!

  3. admin April 13, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    I am with you. Santorini has lost alot as it has gained fame and pinterest hits!