Stay at the Airport?


I’m sure when asked, you would find more than one way to improve your holiday.  Now I know of lots of ways to improve your holiday, from finding an excellent Mojito bar to bungee jumping, but my tips are simpler and will make your whole holiday better.  First, book a stay in an airport hotel before you fly.  I’ve started doing it recently and it’s made all my trips fantastic.  Why?  I hear you ask.  Well it’s simple; it makes the worst part of any holiday almost enjoyable.

The worst part of any holiday is always departure day.  Take-away the excitement about the holiday to come and all you’re left with is stress, panic and irritable people.  Everybody’s in a hurry, they’re all worried about catching flights and checking in and most haven’t had enough sleep the night before.  This isn’t a good mix and it can make the start of your holiday less than pleasant.  This is where a night in an airport hotel swoops in and fixes everything.

Wherever you fly from there are airport hotels available and they’re usually really good.  I’ve stayed in Dublin airport hotels and Stansted airport hotels, and also recently enjoyed a Gatwick airport hotel and parking package, which have all been brilliant.  Not only are they high quality (a personal highlight was the massage room in one of them) but they are all really convenient.  By staying in one of these airport hotels you get a great night’s sleep after a really nice evening of wining and dining.  The effect this has on you makes it the best route to a better holiday.

You’ll wake up rested and refreshed already in a much better mood than you would have been.  Then, over a big tasty breakfast you remember that you’re in one of the discount Manchester airport hotels (or wherever you may be) just minutes from the terminal.

There’s no stressful journey to the airport, no worrying about being late, just a relaxing morning to enjoy before popping over to the terminal and checking in.  What is normally a bit of nightmare has been transformed in to a bit of a treat and the whole process until take-off will seem much simpler because you’re rested, calm and have nothing to worry about.  It makes your holiday that bit more special and all it takes is a few clicks on a website like


1000Fights: We want to share this guest post from Nick with  He makes such a great point and it is something that we really believe in.  Getting a hotel near the airport at the beginning or end of your trip takes much of the undue stress away.  Take for instance our recent trip to Venice.  Getting from the islands back to the mainland is more involved than you might think.  On top of just getting back across the bay, add in the time it takes to return rental car, go through security, and get rid of the left over euros that your have accumulated…this takes time!  Great advice Nick.  One less thing to fight about…(darn!)

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  1. Andrew - The Unframed World July 14, 2011 at 12:27 am #

    Some airports have a designated section for sleeping overnight. Haneda in Tokyo let you fill out a form which let’s you claim a bench for free. I like beds, but somehow the appeal of “roughing” it also appeals to my sense of adventure.


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