Cologne for Couples

What is the most romantic city in Germany?  We would make a strong case for Cologne!  With its 2000 plus years of history, the city is beckoning to be explored.   We put together a few ideas to help you create the perfect couples trip to Cologne.

 Mr.Cake CupCake Manufaktur

Lets start our couples tour of Cologne at our fave site, Mr. Cupcake!  We always say: Life is short…start with dessert.  Mr. Cake is no ordinary Cupcakery.  He is the Picasso of the modern cupcake.  Each delicious creation is a work of art.  Sweetness to the very last bite.  The bakery boasts that it only uses exclusive Belgian chocolate and eggs from “happy chickens” (they said it, we didn’t.)  Regardless of the disposition of the chickens, the end result is nothing short of amazing.  Try flavors that include: Apple Cinnamon Royal, Poppy Seed Royal, and of course the original: Mr. Cake chocolate.  The good news is these little morsels of joy are priced reasonably!  You will shell out 5 euros for two delightful cakes.  You cant beat that price!  Don’t worry about the calories, we are going to work those off further down the list. (Mr. CupCake Filzengraben 1-3 – 50676 Köln

The Love Locks of Cologne

Do you want your love to last forever?  Yes?  Then you need to head over to the Hohenzollern Bridge and affix a love lock to the “wall of love”.  If you are able, shell out a few euros and have a lock engraved with you and your lover’s names.  Once you lock your love to the bridge, simply toss the key into the Rhine River below.  If the tradition holds you love will prove true.  Do us a favor…don’t quit fighting though.  The lovely stroll across the bridge is a bonus couple activity.


Our next stop in our couple’s quest is not located in Cologne, but an hour east of the city.  A lovely side trip for an afternoon is to the quaint town of Aachen.  Located on the Belgium border, this little burg is bubbling with romance.  The city was once home to Charlemagne or Charles the great depending on which history book you read.  We do have a strong recommendation on how to get there.  Take the train.  Trust us, avoid the fights and stress of driving and navigating.

“Traveling by train is definitely the most interesting and romantic way to travel. You have a chance to see the landscape and enjoy your journey in a relaxed way.”, says Naren Shaam, founder and CEO of GoEuro.

Aachen Cathederal

Aachen Cathederal

Once in Aachen, make your way to the city center.  There a number of delicious bakeries, chocolate shops, and coffee houses are waiting for you and your lover.  Once you have recharged, head into the church.  It is one of the most beautiful and warm gothic structures we have ever entered.  The treasury in the back has an amazing collection of Charlemagne artifacts.  Items include holy relics and even part of the arm bone of Charlemagne himself.  Once the sun sets, they light up the exterior of the church.  We took some amazing pictures.  Simply beautiful.  Get back on the train for the short trip back to Cologne.

Charlemagne arm

Mike giving Charlemagne’s remaining arm a high five.

Cologne Cathedral

How could you visit Cologne and not tour the Grand Cologne Cathedral?  This world heritage site and monument is smack dab in the center of town and cannot be missed.  According to the cathedral’s website, construction on the church was commenced in 1248, halted in 1473 and finished in 1880.  It is the largest gothic church in all of Northern Europe.  Some 20,000 people visit the church a day.  One reason that it survived WWII was it was used as a navigational reference for allied pilots.

Cologne Cathederal

Cologne Cathederal

Chocolate Museum

If you didn’t get your chocolate fix from Mr. Cupcake, head over to Cologne’s own Chocolate Museum.  Located on its own island in the Rhine, this unique museum caters to children with interactive displays on chocolate making and history.  The museum is sponsored by Lindt Chocolate so if you are a fan, this is your place.  For the adults there are a number of yummy tasting stations that are included for the price of admission.  The museum includes a company store and café.  (

Chocolate Museum Cologne

Chocolate Museum

Koelner Seilbahn

Some of the best views of the city are available from the high perch of the Koelner Seilbahn  (Cologne Cable Cars).  These cars take you on a journey across the Rhine that you will never forget.  The only drawback is that the cable cars only run from April to October.  The Cable car begins and ends at the Zoobridge.  The view of the cathedral is definitely the highlight of the short trip. (

Claudius Therme

Its time to heat things up a little.   After hiking all around Cologne, we are sure that you are exhausted.  It is time for some relaxation.  Look no further than the Claudius Therme.  What is interesting about these hot springs is that they are relatively new.  Unlike the old Roman bathes of Baden-Baden or even Budapest, these springs were developed in the mid 1970s.  The water temp ranges 91-100 degrees F.  If you are lucky enough to time your visit on the weekends, they offer underwater music and lights to enhance the bathing.  The “healing” waters are also enriched with salt from the Dead Sea!  (

We hope that you enjoy your couple’s trip to Cologne.

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6 Responses to Cologne for Couples

  1. Bell February 21, 2014 at 3:15 am #

    Great tips!! I’d love to go to Aachen, sounds wonderful!

    If you are lucky to be there on a warm evening dinner along the Rhein can be very romantic. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we ate at, there are a number of them and it was the first warm evening after winter where you could sit out, it was absolutely lovely!

  2. The Fighting Couple February 21, 2014 at 6:49 am #

    Sitting along the Rhine having a delicious meal as the boats go by? Now that sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dan February 22, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    CHOCOLATE MUSEUM??? We’re in!! :-)

  4. Uma March 23, 2014 at 11:30 am #

    Nothing says love like cupcakes and chocolate! :)


  5. The Fighting Couple March 23, 2014 at 5:31 pm #

    So true!

  6. Charu August 1, 2014 at 8:16 am #

    okay, a chocolate museum? You’ve sold me!