The Fighting Couple’s Hawaiian Secret

We’ve discovered that no matter how packed the traveling schedule, there is one thing that makes or breaks the vacation.

A massage.

relaxing massageSure, we get massages at home, so why waste time on vacation getting a massage that’s likely more expensive and of poor quality? Because it changes the pace of your vacation and helps you as a couple detox.

If you are a regular reader of 1000 Fights, you know we are uber planners who squeeze every joyful and confrontational moments from our travels.  We plan our vacations like it’s an episode of the Amazing Race. But lately, we’ve reevaluated our planning. We’ve started putting in a “rest-day.” We plan nothing except couple time to recharge our bodies and minds.

Now in full disclosure, Luci was really hesitant to even entertain the idea of a couple massage. At home, she gets massages to help with the office pains of sitting at a computer all day and to escape Mike! To have Mike in the room during a massage was an instant anxiety spike and seemed the opposite of relaxation.

It’s not only stress of being with each other that kept us from doing couples massages, but also the price.

There’s no place (that we’ve traveled) more relaxing than Kauai. However, Hawaii is notoriously expensive, so how do you get a great massage that won’t force you to eat ramen in your hotel room?

First of all, avoid the resort spas. Resorts are known for high quality, but also high prices when it comes to spa services, especially at destinations like Hawaii. An hour massage can cost you close to $200 an hour! Times that by 2 for a couples massage and your travel budget bursts! The nice part about getting a spa service at the resort is the convenience, you don’t have to drive anywhere. But there’s a way to get a quality massage with the convenience of a resort, for a cheaper price: Hire a local massage therapist to come your room. They bring everything: the table, the relaxing music, oil, lotion, without the resort price.

That’s exactly what 1000 Fights did in Poipu, Kauai. We contacted Elevate Wellness. Elevate is an island wide travel spa.  Cool huh?  Here’s why we chose Elevate: Good reviews. We’ve had some bad massages on the road. In Thailand, Mike felt like his masseuse was basting him for baking rather than doing actual body work. So do your research! Make sure you select a therapist that knows their craft, so you aren’t paying money for an hour lotion rub that leaves you slimy, not refreshed.

We worked with Angela at Elevate Wellness to set up our massage. Check out our interview with Angela here.  After reading her interview, you will want to fly to Kauai just to get a massage from her!
We wanted to do a massage in our room, where we could be lazy and not walk anywhere. The idea of a beach massage sounded great, but also like a lot of work. Since we spent our Kauai time vegging, a room massage seemed like the best fit. Angela sent Skylar, a highly trained therapist to our room.

Elevate offers the best massage in Kauai!

Elevate offers the best massage in Kauai!

It was so easy. Skylar came in, set up her table, and got everything ready. Mike went into the bathroom to change and Luci chatted with Skylar. She was very knowledgeable about the Island, as well as health topics. Her motto is to “Feel Restored.”

We didn’t need artificial ocean music during the massage, as we enjoyed it live since our room overlooked the water, We simply opened up the sliding door to hear sounds of the surf. While Mike got his massage, Luci read and just chillaxed. After an hour in his true ADD fashion, Mike headed out for the tennis court genuinely recharged. Then Skylar did Luci’s massage. She used aromatherapy as part of the massage by having Luci smell different oils throughout the treatment. Our hotel room smelled like a spa for the rest of our trip! One of the best parts of the massage was that Skylar used different modalities to create a customized experience including Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, and deep tissue. After the massage, Luci felt refreshed and sleepy. Skylar packed up her stuff and Luci took a nap.   The beauty of a couples massage is that you can take your relaxation to a whole new level.  Now, that’s what we call a vacation!

1000 Fights highly recommends incorporating a couples’ massage into your next vacation. Do some advanced planning and find a reputable company that will come to you where ever you are staying. You’ll pay less and enjoy just the right amount of down time. While in Hawaii, we highly recommend Elevate Wellness. You’ll receive a quality massage without a resort price. Elevate Wellness truly offers the best massage on Kauai.  Just like the massage, the booking process is stress free and uber simple.  Book online well in advance here:  Aloha!


You should know we partnered with our friends at Elevate during our recent visit to Kauai.  Does this affect our opinion of their amazing service and stress relieving massage?  Not one bit.

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  1. De'Jav November 3, 2014 at 8:24 am #

    Traveling masseuse best of both worlds like having a spa treatment but in your room don’t even have to move. Great pic and choice.


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