Food Fights!

Urban Spoon

We really think that is super cool!  Use it to find the best eateries as you travel!
1000 Places to Fight Before you Die Boise restaurants


San Francisco, CA



Seattle, WA

The Wild Ginger


Boise, ID

The Cottonwood Grille


Jackson Hole, WY

The Bunnery-A tasty treat!


Las Vegas

Leticia’s Cocina-its all about the family



Ping’s on Mott



Ahh Sushi-Salt Lake City

Any place the the specialty is named: Funky Vegas Roll, you know it is going to be a fun setting.  Ahh Sushi is a short walk from downtown SLC.  Not sure what is upstairs…, but if you head for the subterranean portion of the red stone building you find a fine little raw fish establishment.  We chose this restaurant for a quick business lunch primarily based on the location.  The place did not disappoint.  It has both a traditional sushi bar and a sit-down section.

The fare is typical urban sushi heavy on the tempura.  Our service was very prompt and the fish was better than expected.  Price is comparable to what you would expect.  We give it a three out of five stars.

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A tale of two Asians

In a fashion similar to one of the old Japanese Kurosawa films my recent visit to Las Vegas had the best and worst, the yin and the yang of Asian food.  On the outside both appeared to be very similar.  Both are unassuming locations in strip malls away from the hustle of the Strip. Both had an equal number of those cheesy faux red lanterns,  Plenty of the Chinese writing on the walls.  But they couldn’t be more different in both service and fare. Let’s start with the best.

I love Sushi

As you walk in you get the customary, “Irashaimase” which I understand means welcome.  I used to think they were saying, “I sure use mayonnaise.”  Any…Service from the entry to the exit is superb.  Very attentive Sushi Geishas.  They have an broad and lengthy list of creations.  Many with a Las Vegas flare.  I went with the Tiger and the Spider.  Both were sizable portions and tasty!  Atmosphere is very traditional even a tad bit over the top.  One warning.  This place is in Henderson…aways away from the Strip.  But well worth the $1000 taxi ride?

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Golden Phoenix

Unlike the friendly cousin above, we had a little different experience at the Phoenix.  So like good “spooners” we did our search for good Chinese listed in Vegas area.  Boom-upcomes the Phoenix.  Looked at the map.  Looked along ways away…but hey- good food must be hunted and gathered.  Enter Chinese décor-exit helpful service.  Asked for what the place was noted for.  What are the specialties for the joint?  Reply was a bit gruff:  “specials on wall”.  Our waiter pointed to a small chalkboard looking thing in the distance.  “what would you recommend?” we asked.  “All good” was reply.  So we ordered up some potstickers and the strip steak dish.  Exit taste.  Beef was really rubbery.  We just were not impressed with the flare nor the fare.  Thumbs down for the Golden Phoenix.

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Wazuzu (Encore Hotel & Casino)


Yes, that is is the zound of money flying out of your bank account for mediorcre Pan-Asian casino food fare.  I guess I shouldn’t have set my expectations so high.  But the joint is three doors down from the Hermes store!  Interior is really innovative.  Staff is helpful.   I stopped in for some quick Sushi.  Portions are really skimpy, and the prices are really uncalled for in light of the quality and the quantity.

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Volare is Vunderful!

ok…here is the first two inches of the menu:

Bruschetta Tradizionale
Toasted Italian bread, chopped tomatoes, olive oil and basil
Carpaccio di Manzo
Thinly sliced beef with Arugula, parmesan cheese, lemon capers and olive oil.
Antipasto all’ Italiana
Imported Italian meats and cheeses and seasonal vegetables
Melanzane alla Napolitana
Layered breaded eggplant with Arugula, tomato and homemade fresh mozzarella.

Get the picture!  This place is the Italiano’s Italian ristroante!  As we were walking past the Drake Hotel in Chicago, we elected to approach the concierge and ask for a recommendation for a good Italian joint.  Turns out, she was full blooded Italiano!  She said, let me call Vito and see if we can get you in.  The rest is history.  Along with the Miracle Mile, add the Miracle Antipasta to the list whilst visiting the City of Wind.

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The Goat is Great!


Before reading this review, you must know that i visited the Goat during a U of Tex football game. I hear their team is ok. Anyway, this place is an absolute crazytown during afore mentioned festivities.

Do you remember the days when life was simple, people did things without all the flash and fireworks? Well I don’t either. But the Goat does a few simple things very well. Burgers and Tacos. The prices cant be beat.

Go to the Goat!!!

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The cioppino is manna from heaven!

One of the really great places in SFO isnt in SFO.  Just drive across the GG to Scoma’s.  Located in the center of Sausalito, a rich fat cat enclave overlooking the bay.  They serve great fresh seafood with an emphasis on the local.  My fav by far is a poor man’s fish stew or Cioppino.  Red sause mixed with everything fish.  Not to be missed.

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Italian Kitchen=Little piece of Italy in the GEG

One of the very best Italian joints in the pac northwest.  Food is all original and cooked to order.  Desserts are worth the calories!  Outside of the building is really not anything to write home about but the food and the beautiful bar inside make up for it.

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