The How-to Guide to Traveling in Sin

Meet George and Lisa of the couple travel blog: “We Said Go Travel”.  They are hands down, one of the deans of the couple travel blogging world.  In 2013, this dynamic duo penned a hilarious and candid travel memoir titled”Traveling in Sin”.    The book outlines one of the most epic online hookups of all time.   Their wide-eyed adventures have taken them around the globe including adventures in French Polynesia, New Zealand and Mongolia.

We Said Go Travel


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George and Lisa were gracious enough to sit down with the Fighting Couple to answer a few questions.

Traveling couple

Lisa and George of We Said Go Travel

1)     Lisa, we hate to start off with this one, but it is the new year…  You are so BEAUTIFUL!  We read the article about your weight transformation.  Give us some pointers for eating and living healthy in the new year.  How do you make healthy choices when you travel? 

She Said: Thank you! George is a big help in making healthy choices. We eat regular meals and we do not snack while traveling. When we are going to spend all day on a bus, we prepare by finding foods to eat on the road so we are not tempting by ice cream and candy. I think the most important thing is to not get too hungry (or tired) because then it is harder to make good choices.


2) If you had to travel with someone else besides your travel partner, who would it be?  (this person can be living, historical or mythical?.)

He Said: My friend, Dr. Jimmy because he makes me laugh, he is fun to be with and I know we would have a good time.

She Said:  Charles Darwin: I read a great book about his experiences, experiments and adventures in the Galapagos when I was young. I have always wanted to go and it would be incredible to travel and study science with him there!


3)  You are both highly educated.  What has been the reaction of some of your associates as you headed out on your world adventure?

He said: People in my life are so accustomed to me traveling on every vacation from the education system that I don’t think anyone was too surprised when we left for a longer trip.

She said:  When I first left graduate school and ended up spending seven years on cruise ships, people thought I was nuts! After returning to Los Angeles and getting settled after September 11th when my cruise line went bankrupt, no one including me thought I would travel long term again. My sabbatical adventure with George, which we wrote about in our memoir, Traveling in Sin, was as much a surprise to me as my associates. When we left in July 2012 for this journey, it seemed very natural!


Travel couple

We Said Go Kiss?

4)  Members of the Travelers Century Club?  Wow!  Curious, what has been your favorite destination in your wanderings? Why?

He said: I don’t have a favorite place but my favorite sector of the world is Asia, particularly Thailand, Nepal and Indonesia. The reason is the value, the unique culture, the architecture and food.

She said: I have so many favorites! I loved our ten-day journey in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, trekking in Nepal and the beaches of Thailand. In our latest travel writing contest, one of the writers wrote about Murree, Pakistan where everyone goes on honeymoon and now I want to go there and meet her!


5)  As an educator Lisa, how has travel enhanced your ability to teach?  How are you able to help other teachers?

She Said: Sharing travel stories in the classroom has been one of my students’ favorite things. When we talked about physics in our unit, “May the Force be With You,” I mentioned that stupas in Sri Lanka are round and not all buildings are built in squares and rectangles. One of my first grade students raised her hand and said,  “Mrs. Rajna, that is just like the gers in Mongolia where you stayed in those tents!” I said, “You are right! What a great connection!”

I founded a peer-to-peer professional development group in Los Angeles which now was over seventy schools participating. Through the network, I have been able to share about teaching and traveling and the importance of integrated education. I was invited to be the first teacher on the national television show, Career Day, and share the life of a teacher!



6) If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

He said: Hunger and poverty.

She said: I would like to make sure everyone has clean water, plenty of food and a safe place to live. For my birthday last year, I organized a 45×45 project and together we raised enough money to help fifty refugee families from Darfur to receive solar cookers so that they can stay safe in the camp and not have to forage for wood outside.

Whale Sharks

George and Lisa swimming with Whale Sharks

7)You knew it was coming….What has been your greatest travel fight/disagreement?

He said: Deciding to return to America for family events.

She Said: We made a pact; when we have an early morning flight, there is no fighting. We used to always fight when we get up too early so now we have a plan. Early morning there is an automatic truce. No fighting allowed!


The Fighting Couple:  A huge thanks to George and Lisa for visiting with us and sharing their adventure.  They are great examples of making couple travel a reality.

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  1. Lisa Kellenberger February 25, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    Great article and great photos. Thanks for sharing!


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